Grow update any suggestions welcome

I have Plants potted in 20g smart pots no till soil first round the top left is Lemon candy, top right is King’s kush(not doing so well in my opinion, bottom 2 are Chz xxl auto.
Top 2 plants are approximately 3.5 weeks and bottom 2 are approximately 2.5 weeks let me know how the girls are doing plz any tips or suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I I’m concerned on the top left lemon candys new growth it has yellowing tips.
I water all plants with agsil16, coconut water, and aloe flakes every watering and I add fulvic acid once a week. I too dress top dress with malted barley powder need, kelp and ewc. Alternating mbp and kelp with neem and ewc. I also cut off the large fan leaves they were block the light. I topped all but one of the plant and a few I topped in multiple places.


Looks like you are doing a fine job

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What is all the small growth around your plants?

Your plants look good, just wondering.

It’s a cover crop a Clover mix

Plants look great. Why are you using said “cover crop?” I just did a tiny bit of reading and I couldn’t find a plus side. Why would you want you marijuana plants competing for nutrients and water? I know clover “fixes nitrogen” but that doesn’t offset the “competing” factor in my book. Just my opinion but genuinely curious.

Yes legumes can fix nitrogen if it is innoculated with the proper rhizobia. This in my humble opinion is the amazing beauty of nature that plants and fungi can create a symbiosis. However I do not think this nitrogen is available unless the plant is disc into the soil for next years planting. I have never seen any canabis cultivator use clover as a companion planting or ground cover. Hey it doesnt mean it wont be a successful grow just not common practice. Most growers want to be able to visually observe the moisture evaporate from the media or soil. Also this clover may harbor pests further along the grow? Anyway I think its pretty cool.

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Ok next grow I won’t use a cover crop I already had that in mind. It get out of control so I have to cut it down a lot I let it compost right right under my girls though.

I would pull the clovers so your girls arent fighting them for nutrients but other then that they look great

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Cool thanks

Definitely remove those clovers and do a layer of sand to prevent them from returning

I ripped and cut them up last night I just left them on top to compost will that be ok. I figured if any come back ill cut then out again.

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5th week of lemon candy top left and top right kings kush
4 week of bottom two chz xxl auto


Hey this is week 6 (kings kush bottom right/ Lemon Candy bottom left/ (Both Pheno)

Week 5 top 2 are chz xxl (auto flower)update
I believe second week of flowering.

Iv been doing some LST bend a secure and topping on both bottom 2 plant(pheno) so I can get them as bushy as possible while the 2 top autos finish flowering. I plan to fill my tent when the autos are done. I also have been doing low stress training and I topped both auto a few times weeks ago it seemed to make them bush up more. Would it be too stressful to bend down some of the right top plant branches to flatten out the canopy? Excuse the pictures the hps messed them up I’ll take better one when the lights are off to get the true color of the plant


Looking good my friend woohoo

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Brilliant!! Stretch must be over now stacking on the weight

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