Grow Tents 600 vs 1680D

First off I suffer from analysis paralysis, it just is.

I didn’t realize when I initially bought a tent (Mars Hydro 39x39x70 1680D Oxford cloth) that there was any difference.

I want/need to upgrade to a 4x4x6.5’ tent. My research leads me to a ton of adequate looking 4x4 tents most being 600D oxford cloth ($).

The only two I find 1680D is Mars Hydro ($$) and Gorilla ($$$).

Any real life experience using the 600D tents?
I’ve read some scathing critiques of the 600D as compared to 1680.
I guess I was lucky that my Mars Hydro currently in use is 1680D and would not like it to be much thinner.
What are you folks using?
Thanks very much.

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I have an apollo 4x4 and I’ve had it for almost 2 years and love it.

I used a hydroplanet and it was about 100$ 4x4. It had a couple pin holes at the stitches. A piece of duct tape and problem solved.

My new 5x5 is branded “Ultra Grow”. It says it is supposed to be 600D, but it is much thicker material then my 3x3 Vivoson which claims to be the same material. The Ultra Grow seems like really thick material to me so I couldn’t imagine how thick a Gorilla tent would be. I have ZERO pin holes. Bought mine at the local Hydro Store for $200.00 out the door. Ive seen them for much higher online.

Thanks guys. From what I can tell, the only 1680D tents are Mars hydro and Gorilla.
Obviously, not putting out the cash for a gorilla.
I have the 39x39x70 mars hydro and it is 1680 and very sturdy.
Most 4x4x80 tents with 600d run in the 80-100 dollar range.
MH wants 124 on their websit for the 4x4x8’ 1680d.
Seems like a no brainer to me to go with what I know but,
I emailed the salesman and offered to review the tent if they offered a discount.
I’ll give it 24 hrs and if crickets, will prob pull the plug on the mars.
My last grow really felt restricted height wise so trying to maximze my space and 82" would be the max
plus I want the tent I have now to become a clone/veg hut.


LOL so Mars Hydro (I initially was going to buy their LED’s but did not for this very reason) salesman could only offer me a 3% discount on the tent IF I bought it from their website. He stated he would prefer to sell me lights at a deeper discount of I would do a Grow Journal on some site like instagram or youtube. I asked, what would the discount be on a light review and he said he would get back to me. He did. He offered me 11% off a light. I told him thanks but with the amount of time and documentation for a grow journal, his discount was not attractive, at all.

He didn’t seem to care that his tents do not show up in internet searches or amazon searches unless you specifically input mars hydro grow tent?? Oh well, was worth the inquiry. I opted out of Mars Hydro LED’s when the price went up overnight by 28% while the items were in my cart. He asked me how the lights were working and I reminded him I did not buy his lights and why, that I only bought their tent off bay of e.

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