Grow tent, dog, 4th of July

My dog dose not like fireworks, I could not find her anywhere in the house (looked for 45 mins.). I leave my grow tent unzipped at the bottom to get more air, it maybe about 2" gap. That was the only place i had not looked, i unzipped the tent and look what i found.


My girls love to hamg out in tha garden too.
Free co2 from the dogs, the plants love them.


Haha. My dogs absolutely hate thunder and fireworks. I have to give one of them a tranquilizer to keep her from freaking out.

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Awww the poor thing, at least she found a comforting place.

I’m lucky my dog ignores fireworks and thunder. REALLY lucky.

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Awww :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart: :dog::heart:

Most of the dogs that we have had, hated fireworks or thunder. That is until this one we have now. He is 1/2 Pekingese & 1/2 Long Haired Chihuahua. He is the calmest dog that I have ever been around. During the last week we have both fireworks and thunderstorms that have literally shook the house, and Buckles just lays there sleeping on a rug next to the outside door.

He does get up to engage in his favorite pastime of riding his stuffed animals across the floor. Often he will insist that we get him a different one out of his toy basket, and he always turns them butt side up before climbing on.


Gaurding your plants from whatever the hell was making all that noise. Good Dog. Give that lady a milkbone.


OMG he’s so CUTE! Mine is a chihuahua mix also - crossed with “feist dog” (what?) and he is scared of almost nothing. Looks like yours has a huge personality also.

That ain’t no dumb dog…:joy::+1:

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Thanks, @Fiz & @GomBoo. Yes Buckles has a lot personality and is petty damn smart.
I removed the worthless jump seats from the rear of our truck, and built a platform to put his bed on and allow him to move around some. He always goes with us when we go camping in our RV. At first while towing the RV, he would jump out of his bed every time we would stop at a traffic light and check things out. Now he stays in his bed napping, until he hears the clicking of the parking brake being pulled. Before he gets out of bed to check out the location.
Also when we set up in a campground, he does not like it when we close the camper door or even the screen door. He like to sit in the doorway while he watches the other dogs and people moving around.
He is one of those that, it is much easier to let him have his way, than not!

@scaru2, Is your dog a blonde lab? Looks like the on we had, great dogs!

Our dog ‘Pirate’ also has an RV, but he thinks it’s HIS ship.

Here he is telling the Capt. to ‘walk the plank’

Lost in the Sixties

He is probably telling the pirate to get out of the camper and his job as a campsite decoration. That is a very cool decoration.
We live on a large lake, and we see plenty of “want to be pirates”. They even have a Pirate’s Weekend, where they dress the part and decorate boats like pirate ships, and they fabricate water cannons to spray each other’s boats. They seem to have a lot of fun, and some folks we know even plan their vacation around this weekend.

Awwwww poor thing was so scared of the fire works