Grow room wall color help

Why Matt white instead of gloss white?

More reflective the better.

Wouldn’t gloss be more reflective than matt ?

No it’s not. A light meter will show that matte is more reflective. I believe it’s because gloss handles light in the same fashion as aluminum foil. It scatters the light in random directions instead of just sending it straight back.


Ok good deal
Thanks for the help

@hillbilly103 I used Diamond foil mylar instead of paint no smell roll of it is alittle higher than 1gl of paint and primer

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I had no idea which was more reflective, just saying the more the better, that diamond foil stuff is amazing as it scatters the light on the little bumbs making it shoot up and down ect so wastes less light. I

I use mylar sheeting but I can see how the diamond mylar could be better. Any standard aluminum hood now is beaten to create bubbles and craters in them for better reflectivity. I assume the diamond texture is the same concept.

It’s confusing though because aluminum foil scatters light which is one of the reasons people say not to use it. It’s a big contradiction. If anyone has some actual science behind that I would love to hear it :smile:

Haw about Mylar backed Insulation boards

Just a probably good guess (not sciency) if its a flat surface I’d guess the light reflecting back might be overly powerful like if you put a lazer in a mirror, so the bumps spread it out equally? (Prove me wrong someone)

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You’re right on point @McLovin777, mirrors and metals reflect light at such inconsistent waves that you can potentially burn a plant by the material reflecting the light in a focused area. Like using a magnifying glass to burn ants with the sun lol!

Flat white matte white, works better than gloss white because the gloss affect actually absorbs the light, bounces it around then sends it back out. So you’re losing tons of reflected lighting if using anything other than matte white, mylar, or other materials like these.



I was going to say the burning ants line :smiley: didn’t invade I was wrong since It was uber late at night.
I’ve got this paint to do the black heat eating buckets with if you fancy a quick read. I imagine Matt white would be best for walls rather then buckets as it has less heat reflecting abilities (or so I hope since buying this)
Aluminium Solar Paint

This aluminium solar paint is a modified bituminous paint that leaves a silvery coating on the roofs surface designed to reflect.
This product is suitable for use bituminous substrates and reflects heat preventing excessive heat absorption and gain, protecting the roof from drying out, cracking or splitting, prolonging the roofs life.

This aluminium solar paint is easily applied with a brush, roller or spray and a this paint gives a approx. coverage of 5 - 10m² per litre.
This paint needs to be applied in the dry and where rain is not a threat, and 2 coats must be a applied.

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the reason it works is it doesn’t focus light a matte white absorbs reflects and diffuses preventing hot spots and is cheap and easy to work with. This is also why panda plastic is matte white :wink:

That makes a lot of sense actually. I was using shields painted with a glossy reflective sign paint but I wonder if that’s really effective. Designed to illuminate signs even in low light. It’s reflective but, glossy. They fell on one of my plants though and now are used as a floor…

This isn’t my post but thanks for the responses anywho. :smile: