Grow box light upgrade

I built a homemade 36 inch by 72 inch grow box. My first grow is almost coming to an end (95 days). I have been running two cheap 65 watt burplers and two 100 watt 3000k led flood lights during flower. I’ve been trying to take in all the technical stuff on lights and was thinking about a diy project, but I just can’t absorb all the information. So today my wife was looking at a site we ordered bubble bag from and this popped up, I’m planning a n only running two auto plants at a time do you think this might work for my box.

tried to search on this light but I think it’s fairly new @dbrn32 any help is appreciated

By their information its good for flowering up to a 3x3, which is really stretching for a 200 watt light even from the best lights available. If you bought into that, you would still need two of them. In reality would probably be more like 3 of them. Your space is 18 square feet. Even best light manufacturers are recommending 500-600 watt lights for a 4x4. Keep in mind that these lights probably don’t quite perform on same level as lights 3x more expensive either.


Hi, do you have pictures of the results of your first grow? I am curious as to how it turned out, and how these seeds perform in the light situation you describe. Thanks

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@Turbonelson I came across these the other day. What they are are the old models of the sf1000 that doesn’t have a dimmer, other than that they are the same as the new ones selling for $160 I only recommend spider farmer because of 1st hand knowledge of their great customer service and the obvious 30% off just because of a dimmer that I find unnecessary @ 100w .

I’m finishing up my first grow, now at 96 days. I am growing ILGM auto amneza haze and blueberry. As I said I was only two cheap burple LEDs and added two more LED flood lights rated at 100 watts 3000 kelvin.

This is the lights I used, not much but it worked.
this is the interior you can see the flood lights near the top. In the middle is a sour space candy CBD I’m trying to mainline from a bag seed. By the way there’s not two I used an old mirror to try to bounce more light.

here’s the blueberry finishing up. Think I got about a week.

This is the amneza haze. Both germed at the same time.


Wow this is even better than I expected.

Are the floods 100 Watts or 100 Watt equivalent? I only ask because I can’t find 100 real Watt flood lights.

Please update with pics through harvest, I will follow.

Sorry I miss spoke this is what I got, 90 watt equivalent.

they might not do anything but I thought no would use them to try to fatten up the buds. I did an early harvest on some of the lower bud sites that wasn’t going to do much and my wife was low on smoke. They were really early but after dried she said it made her face go numb so when it gets all the way it should work good for her.

Great results with budget lights

Thank you, my first grow. I’ve done a lot of reading here and trying to process everything. I would like to upgrade my lights to try to get a better harvest. I got grow bags today to try that on my next grow. I’ll be running another blueberry and going to try a northern lights. I’m trying to find something to help my wife’s anxiety.

If you check migro on YouTube this light is one that he ranks1 on the price performance list for 2020 I bought one but the smaller one and my plants :heart: it Uploading: 20201026_194307.jpg…

Its the closest light the other is a Willis both pull 100watts from wall and at an under 100 dollar price tag its nice I saw immediate growth from my diy set up I was using


Thanks for the heads up on the light. Something I’m definitely interested in. I think when cash isn’t so tight, I’ll try to get two. I know it’s not quite enough but I got to improve while I go. When that happens I will probably use the burple light on the sides. Do you think that would help bump my lights anymore or is it just mood lighting for the girls?

I don’t know anything about that light I didn’t look up the specs but it’s probably around 200w with a 2x4 footprint like the light I use it would probably be plenty for two as long as they don’t get huge. But I would definitely put your other lights around it once they start to flower. I would center the big guy over the plants then angle the other ones from the sides of the big one

@dbrn32 what do you think about using two of the above spider farm lights with the two budget burplers I already have for my grow space? I know you got all kinds of questions on lights, cause I’ve been trying to find something in my budget and I’ve been reading all of your responses on other posts. What I’ve been looking for is an idolized list for a diy grow but I’m having trouble getting all the specs.

I run a single sf2000 and two 600w blurples 113w actual each and last dried weight was 528 g. on 6 plants. I just bought a second sf2000 and a 4x4 tent so once this bunch is done I’ll be coming out of the closet into a tent hoping to have better control over the environment

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You mean the sf1000? They are 100 watt lights, and the two lights you have are 65 watts right? Seems like it would struggle to do a good job of flowering your space.

Yes I was referring to the sf1000 times two. Plus the budgets on the sides. But it sounds like I need to look for something bigger.

I think you want at least 300 true watts if not more. My 2 cents.

Ideally, probably 500-600 watts worth of really good leds. If you are looking at inexpensive fixtures, more like 800 or so watts.

Two 315 cmh could probably get you decent results too.

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I never considered cmh. My grow box is in my basement and stays a pretty consistent 70 degrees. I am only running a four inch exhaust fan. Should I look into upgrading my ventilation due to heat from the lights?

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