Grow 4: ILGM Purple Haze greenhouse grow

Got to remember who all to tag if you guys are mildly interested in how I will handle a greenhouse grow. @Budz420 @kellydans @Weedlover1

Off and running! Had a Nerd-o-rama and scoped my Purple Haze seeds and picked a couple out. Honestly, they all looked great. Fat and sassy. These seeds were purchased from ILGM this time last year in an absolute frenzy of buying thinking nothing would ever be on sale again. Bwaaaa ha ha!

This grow will be our personal grow, 12 plants. We are preparing our business plan, etc., and will be applying for a producers license the moment it is opened up in our state. But for this grow, we are going to stay legal…ish…and keep it to 12 plants; the ish part is if I decide to try a patio plant in the mix, too and up the number, but we are trying to live by the straight and narrow now, after being outlaws for so long. If our state is going legal for us, then the least we can do is be good cannabis ambassadors and abide by the rules.

I have coming from ILGM:
Granddaddy Purple auto
California Dream
Chronic Widow

Arriving from a galaxy far far away:
Blue Amnesia auto
Hindu Kush
Pure Indica

I will have to decide how to divy the grow up. We will run short of cannabis on the crop just harvested if I rely on the photos right now so do plan on doing the autos.

Greenhouse arrives in couple of weeks.

I put these on a paper towel to soak two days ago. I put the fungus gnat granules in with the water and also I use the myco tea. My secret weapon. Put in the CowPot with FF Happy Frog. They will go in the AutoPot system with planning on using Emerald Harvest nutes again as I was very pleased with the results on the last grow.

I laugh at all the guys naming their plants but I am tempted to name these two Purple Haze, one Jimmy and the other Hendrix. :sunglasses:


@plumbdand getting you tagged since you are doing a greenhouse, too.

And here is the greenhouse


I’ll be watching to see how it progresses.Exciting to see this come together good luck!


Thank you! I am SOOOO excited about the greenhouse. I have to fix Garcia’s broken finger and glue his joint back on, but he will have an honored place out there.


I’m gonna sign on as I’m jealous of those who have a greenhouse. Oh what I could do with a greenhouse!


Thank you! This is a whole new beast for me. Our environment here is so harsh that the ONLY way we figured we could grow our own food or grow outside is a greenhouse. Prior to my three indoor tent grows, I tried for two years in a row to grow clones and both years they were stripped of leaves by 70 mph gusts. Our temps don’t get too high, with August maybe seeing upper 90s and 100 for a few days. But we get a brutal drop early fall. We went from 72 deg to 8 deg overnight a couple of years ago, and that was when our lows were in 40s. It killed a lot of our young trees. I said that to say this, I am hoping I can manage a grow with those conditions. We do plan on buying a greenhouse heater come fall. And I am wondering if maybe, other than the Purple Haze, I ought to just grow autos until I know what I am dealing with light wise?

Garcia is ready for duty!


That’s gonna be an awesome greenhouse. Garcia on guard duty

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I’d like a greenhouse, but need something that distorts the view so people passing by can’t see what I’m growing.

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I am covered now that I finally got my medical personal grow license as NM doesn’t combine medical and grow like some states do.

Now that we are legal rec I can grow 12 here. 6 for me and 6 for him. The official start is June (29?). But I can legally have at least four in flower and 8 vegging per my grow license so I can be reasonably assure that by June I should be clear but if they flower early I am not worried too much. Our backyard is private so that helps.

I feel for you and hope you can grow legal soon.


I’m in a legal grow state, but am building a house and the only place to put a greenhouse is visible to passing traffic. I don’t want people to see because some are offended, others because they may be thieves.


I need to follow this, I’ve grew purple Haze twice and it was airy and brown every time. But all my other grows are great… Must watch :eyes:

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Looking forward to your grow

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Yeah you don’t want to attract any sort of attention. I did three grows in last year and am so ready to get it out of the house. I can only claim Covid quarantine for so long but we really really discourage company other than our son and his family.

@Dirtybiker74 yikes! That is the downside to the Sativa. I am doing the blue amnesia and GDP autos and need to look at the photo lineup and decide which to grow with this grow, if any.

@CMichGrower Building a new house I am thinking about doing the same thing but nervous as hell over building material prices.

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Set to watch the greenhouse , interesting for me I’ve always wanted one. Sounds like you’ve been a busy lady. Good luck

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The panels on my greenhouse distort the view. Light gets through but you can’t really see what’s inside even from a few feet away.


Love greenhouses. Here is a pic from last year’s grow in our greenhouse. Good luck with yours.

I know some of you have seen it, but love showing it off. It my happy place!:grin:


My husband was worried about that but I keep telling him there is no need. I mean, really, we are in The Land of Enchantment and cannabis is as common as iced tea is to the south. Besides, he mows the lawn nude out there and THAT doesn’t concern him much. :laughing:

@kellydans part of me envies you building a new home to suit. And part of me cringes as we have been there, done that a couple of times too many, but 37 yrs anniversary in June, it made us stronger. I understand on building material cost. Every time I grocery shop I am in sticker shock. Anyways, our dream home is a big shop with an apartment and a side covered parking for the RV. We actually plan to do just this next spring for production grow, and having the kids have the house when they are ready. He is a wounded warrior and we always have to have a back up plan to be a safety net for them. He is as stable as he can be, but things can change fast with his health. Looking at three major surgeries now to fix what the helicopter crash did to him and take out shrapnel from ied.

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That looks amazing! I could ONLY dream to be half as successful. It looks like you live in an environment that gets rain. I am cautiously optimistic about this but know that I am growing on what seems to be like the surface of Mars at times, although never really hot, but brutal swings in temps, and rh at 5%.

Thank you sooooo much for sharing!

Edited: my husband will love seeing this. He is already planning to put a little nide d’amour out there. :heart_eyes:

My wife and I still love learning new things about growing. Thank you so much. We spend lots of time together in there. We also put a few in the garden. Yeah we get alot of rain and humidity in the summer. Hardest thing is to keep it cool enough. We run fans on batteries and have it open all the way. I wish you and your husband the best with everything.