Amnesia haze auto, greenhouse grow

Hey everyone. Doing a greenhouse grow of some autos from ilgm. Strain is amnesia haze. Grown in soil(happy frog/ocean Forrest) in 3 gallon pots. I’m going with a more hands off routine this round. Only fed a couple times with some ff grow big and tiger bloom during veg. So far in flower I’ve given them a couple small doses of potassium sulfate mixed in their water. They are both on a capillary mat and self watered. I have noticed between the two one has no nose whatsoever but great bud site development. And the other is sparsely budding but smells terrific with notes of fuel. They are at week 11 and honestly a little lackluster. I may have to revert to my grow closet and heavy feeding. My other outdoor grows were pretty successful but both were Durban poison and monster plants. Thoughts questions comments? Thank you for reading


@Jrock64 Do they get enough light behind that screen or do you roll it up? Welcome back also! 6 yrs is the longest streak I’ve seen yet lol!! I’ve been here 6 minutes lol.

Yeah I lurk a lot lol. So that’s shade cloth. They get tons of light all day. So much so the temps will soar in there without the shade cloth. Until I can afford to air condition my greenhouse I’m stuck with the shade cloth. If you zoom I. On the one to the right it’s super lush and green. But the girl on the left is lighter and more straggly.

@Jrock64 yeah I see. The nodes are a bit stretched but it’s a sativa right? Maybe it’s just they wanted to be hand fed like lil’Princesses lol.

So I’ve spent the last couple days shopping for a portable AC unit/ dehumidifier. If I’m successful in bamboozling my wife I may get it. I really want these two out of my greenhouse as soon as they’re done. I have some beans from mephisto genetics and a 10 gallon nursery pot with soil cooking now. Dying to try those seeds.

@Jrock64 you should start a journal when you get those beans sowed lol, fill it with pics and a play. Y play.

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Have some purple coming out. Interesting pheno

@Jrock64 that is a very interesting pheno indeed!!

Another week or two I think

A plank holder, in Navy terms. :slight_smile: