Grow 17 A fresh start 🚐

They look terrific B!


Thanks guys. I am finally starting to see a little orange here and there for the pistols. The MB should be farther than the big plant. But seems to be still growing lol I also keep forgetting I have the Pink kush auto in the veg tent. I put it on a coco mat so it will not die if I keep over looking it lol


Well, I chopped the Money bush this morning. She was small but has some heavy buds at least :grin:

This was her final week here

And this morning

This is the RHC. Today I see she is starting to turn pink :grin: I have it on straight water to try and flush the ppms in the coco down some. I was at 2800 ppm for my run off. I am hoping to get down to the 900 range since I re use the coco.
This is week 9

The lower buds even look great


Beauties! Harvest congrats!


Congrats on the harvest Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:


Nice looking spread there buddy!


Thanks guys. By the time this grow is done. The next will be a couple weeks old :grin: One more till break time :grinning:


Congratulations on your harvest. Beauties :blush::v:

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Thanks @Flitme Thanks to @Myfriendis410 I was able to get this whole kid chopped down. I harvested it over 3 days. Wet trimmed and the cut the buds off the branches. Then into a hanging net basket. I have a nice amount in 5 of the slots :grin: And after seeing how much was left for the lower part of the tent. I figured I have time since this is my last grow for a while. SO I am letting them finish. It looks like there is another plant there still :laughing: I found a home for the 3 new ones.

This was my planned next grow. Some time off is needed more right now.



I thought I was caught up here. I gave the rest of the rhc away so I could get on the room a little sooner. I wasn’t going to do these other 3 as well. But got the MS back to do for a friend. I am not sure what they did to it man did it stretch. So I am not sure what to do with it. I need to mainlining this one and it has no arms :grimacing:

A quick question. Any one have an idea of how to sterilize some used coco? I have got a couple bugs on a plant ehre and there. And need to get the MS above into a final pot soon. I can’t get to the new bricks of coco yet. So I may have to use the cleaned coco till I can get the storage room organized. I just need to empty 2 shelves. And move them to the grow room and re organize :roll_eyes: :laughing: Today is not the day to start on that though.


When you rehydrate your used coco, mix a bunch of peroxide in with your water. It will dissipate very quickly but ought to do a number on anything residing in your medium.


I’ve been so disgusted with fox farms soils that i put them in foil catering pans on hot grill for an hour. This would probably work for coco too, but probably more difficult than you need to be. Peroxide probably good.


Thanks, @Caligurl mentioned baking it for a half hour in the oven. I did 5 gallons worth yesterday. I have a big sauce pen that never gets used. I now have a use for it lol Once I get things closer to done in the grow room. I will try and cook 5 - 10 gallons of the coco a day till it is all done. :grin: My friend here went to coco because of all the bugs he seemed to end up with. he used the fox farms stuff. I was wondering about the peroxide. I will try that as well. It would be easier and quicker since I could do it in buckets


I got lost here sorry. I will do better for my next grow here :grin: