Grow 17 A fresh start 🚐

Ok, The next grow has started. This one may surprise a few. This grow will only be 2, hopefully 3 plants.
And before you say it :laughing: I don’t have the room to do any more. First I have a Red Hot Cookies, then a Money Bush and Monster cropped Fruit punch. The RHC will be in the big tent in a 4x5 scrog. One will got by her self in the 5’ tent. And the other will go in the 4x4 tent using most of it. I have all ready started The RHC.

RHC week 1 one gallon bag and Jack’s

Week 2

Week 3

Put in a 10 gallon pot today. It will be fed GH nutes this grow. Un sure if this will be top fed for the whole grow or if I will run it like an autopot when it heads to the big tent

This is the Fruit punch. A week into the re veg

The Money Bush went into a 1 gallon nursery bag this morning

Ok This is the whole line up. Small as it is. this should give me time to actually pay attention to them for the whole grow


Found ya!


@dbrn32 Almost the weekend :grin: Time to get the boat out :grin: It is pretty warm here :laughing:


Front row Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:


Thanks @OGIncognito I am hoping this will be my best grow yet, If I can stay focused. The smart thing would be to stick with Jack’s. But then I would end up like this grow. Not doing much lol Plus it has been a while since I have used the GH. So that should add a little more of a challenge to this :grin:
I figured you would probably be one of the first here @dbrn32 :grin: I think this will be worth following :laughing:


Good to see you bud! Last grow finished well I saw :star_struck::call_me_hand:t3:


Thanks @MattyBear It is ok, but not really up to par. I know I have better in me. I just need to pull it out lol I am going to follow your lead and get in to trim a lot more for my little ones. I kind of like being able to pull them out of the tent if I need. I plan on trying the 3x3 pan next. this way has worked out pretty good with just having the aquavalve in a bigger saucer.


Looks like you’re already off to a kick ass start for sure! :seedling: :potted_plant: :fire: :dash: :sunglasses:


Set to ‘Watching’.

Sure glad you didn’t do a big grow lol.


Set to watch !!!


I’m ready to watch :blush::v:


I have my fee up and settling in. Those girls are going to be covering a lot of real estate.


Ha, probably 3-4 months before we can boat here.


Set to watching looks like a great start🤣

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Thanks guys. I get the stands for the tubing tomorrow. I am going to set these up so I can top feed them through a tube ran to a pole on the tent. So I don’t have to try and get under them to feed each day :grin:
Some thing I should have been working on along time ago. Once I get that done. I can decide where to chop the top off on this.

The Money bush is now showing

And the RHC may be hard to keep some what small so it can be moved in 3 weeks :grimacing: She is making the 10 gallon pot look a little small all ready

It may have been a stretch to hope the FP would re veg. I know it may take a while before I see any thing. But she is a little rougher looking now


I thought about revegging the purple Skywalker but I don’t have the time for that right now :man_shrugging::call_me_hand:t3:


Good job as usual brother :+1::+1:


I accidently reveged a plant with a far red light . Didn’t take all that long to do it.


Good morning All. Thanks for dragging me back here @MattyBear :grin: A lot has been going on here. And no, I haven’t been spending all my time on the cc. I really haven’t been on the pc much.
I let my friend have the Fruit punch I was re vegging. I am hoping to get a clone from it when it is ready. I decided to keep things simple this grow. And was able to stay with just the 2 plants. For a while lol I did start a Pink Kush auto. It isn’t even a week old though. I am really Happy with how the RHC is coming. I guess it pays to pay attention to these lol

Here are some quick notes about the RHC before I update. I super cropped this at 4 weeks old. And set the scrog at 4 1/2" above the pot lip. I am adding this because normally. I can do a 8 week veg and barely fill a 2x4 scrog. Doing it this way. i was able to almost fill a 4x4 scrog in just 9 weeks of veg.
O, I will just run pictures of the weeks now :grin:

Red Hot Cookies week 4

Week 5

Week 6

week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13

This grow really couldn’t be doing any better. I made a feed ring for this and just feed through the funnel tied to the side of the tent. I definitely do better top feeding. I have all I need to run a set up to do up to 6 plants if I wanted. I am not sure if I finished out my other journal. I will have to look and see. But I did 7 in the 5’ tent and was really happy with the results. I will be doing another like that in the future. I am trying to take a break after this grow. I think I will have enough to tide my friend over till I re start. I have 2 that want me to grow specific plants for the next grow. So it will be a 50/50 if I do one more before stopping. I am not doing any more winter grows. They just increased our electric rates by 30% So it would be to costly to think about growing in the winter now.
Ok, Time to catch a few of your journals :grin:
@Myfriendis410 @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @AfgVet


Welcome back!!!

Love the scrog