Greenhouse organic grow... Airy, leafy buds?

First grow.
I think I’m at the end of week 7 of this organic tester grow. In greenhouse, in soil, all organic nutes and rainwater.
The buds seem really airy and skinny. Trichomes are fairly cloudy too.
Will they fatten up? :thinking: Any advice / help gratefully received!

High heats generally lead to fluffy buds, also sativa strains generally produce fluffy buds…


Definitely not high heat, more the opposite. Grown in a greenhouse, hitting 20-22 degrees c daytime and down to 10-12 c overnight.
I think it’s a wedding cake strain (so hybrid?) but tester as I said so I wasn’t expecting anything really - now I’m determined to get something out of it! :grin:
Have another test sativa and although slow, she seems to be plodding away happily with no issues.

I’ve always been curious how greenhouses can even grow pot effectively without assistant light because any barrier would filter out light and pot is an extremely light hungry plant

There are hundreds of folks growing them in greenhouses - check YouTube, some of them really are monsters. Most in the US mind, not many here in the UK. I haven’t the space indoors so hiding in plain sight is my only option. Working so far, only light source has been the sun and although I could’ve done other things differently, and better - light has not been a problem.

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Anybody have any advice? Buds still fairly leafy and don’t seem to be filling out…

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Hi, did you figure it out? I’m in a greenhouse and they are super leafy buds too. I am thinking it’s due to lack of
enough adequate light as it’s been super cloudy the last couple months. Any tips are appreciated!