Buds are a bit loose yields are low

I’m growing OG Kush and White Widow
I’m attempting to grow organically in soil
Lighting 2 1000 watt hps and 4 450w LEDs
This is lighting a 40 sqft area.
My temps are a bit warm - highs near upper 80’s F with lights on. lows around 70 F when dark
Humidity is 45% to 60% depending on temp
Soil PH around 6.5
Plants grown in 5 gal buckets with holes drilled in the bottom and sides

My goal is to create high quality buds comparable to product that my friend grows in N. Cal.
My friend is growing in coco coir using chemical nutrients. I’m growing in a warmer / more humid location.

Many of my buds are light and airy even the best of them.

I’ve cloned a couple of the best producers and the results are more consistent.

The OG seems to have a wide variance in phenotypes while the WW is a more consistent strain in my environment.

Anyway my problems begin 4-6 weeks into flowering. Beautiful green foliage starts to yellow. Then go brown and dry. With a few of the phenotypes the plant seems to die. The symptom seems to follow the seed as clones of the same plant have performed similarly.

I’ve looked at the photos of nutrient deficiency’s and really can’t say if I’m nutrient deficient or my soil is to hot and I have a toxicity problem.

On my next grow I’m planning to have less N in the soil by using inert organic medium for the lower 2/3 of the pot and layering nutrient rich soil on top.
I’m trying to grow the plants dryer and in smaller pots
I’m working on reducing the light time high temps.

I’m thinking that the strain’s I’m growing may not be suited to growing in my tropical environment. But I love the og kush smell and fruity taste and some of the WW is crazy good.

I’d appreciate any thoughts or suggestions
Since there are so many variables any focus you can provide will be much appreciated

Was there a question in there? :roll:

When you want support; I believe being direct and to the point as to the information you are seeking would help both of us.

One thing I got out of all that, was; In the middle to latter stages of flower, the plant knows it is starting to finsh, and naturally starts using up stored nutrients in the foliage (fan leaves), and the yellow, and die. This is normal. I love seeing the leaves turning Yellow in flower; It means I am getting ready to have some nice new fresh smoke. :slight_smile: Peace

How is your grow doing?

Airy buds usually mean one of two things or both. Not enough nutrients or not enough light, and usually it’s not enough light more often than the other way around, but it can often be not enough of both.

If your room is a little bigger than a 6 foot by 6 foot (36 square feet), one 1000 watt HID light would be more than enough. I’m not sure if you really mean a 40 square feet area with 2 * 1000 watt lights and also 4 * 450 watt LED systems? Maybe you are describing a much bigger area and you don’t have enough light? I guess maybe if you have a room 2 feet deep by 20 feet long, I could maybe see that many lights being used, lol. Either way I think we need a better description of your room’s layout.

I don’t know that lowering your nitrogen is going to help. It sounds like your plants are just running out of nutrients or are running into a nutrient lockout due to pH or something. Are you sure your soil is maintaining a pH of 6.6 the entire grow? Are you feeding it an organic tea? You likely need to bee feeding it something, the soil in the container indoors just can’t usually have enough to feed the plant for the entire life-cycle.