Grapefruit Feminized climate in tent

Getting ready for my second grow. First time growing feminized. The blurb for Grapefruit Feminzed has this under Climate, “ A stable temperature of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels of around 50% are preferred if growing indoors.” Is this for the finishing stretch or should i try to maintain this climate throughout? Is there a standard pattern and temp/humidity targets I should be aiming for with all breeds?

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I would say 50 is the standard target for most anyway, a bit higher earlier in life and a bit lower later. Lower later to prevent bud rot I think and other’s will have their ways.
Few strains are prone to rot or mold. That strain info is easily found, don’t quote me on this but ususaly landrace strains from dry areas.


Yup, 80f with about 50-60% rh is it. For lights on anyway.