First grow in garage

I was wondering if I can get away with 30c temp and 25-30 humidity. Lights on midnight to 6pm. Just a couple bag seeds to start. Ones dark green and the other is near lime at times. Think the cold killed my autos or I made mistakes. Think they are stunted because of this. I have raised lights to try and lower the temp by the plants. Not the most ideal weather here but hoping to have fun and get some buds. I’ll post pics when I can get out with lights back on. Very much appreciate any help.

30 c is hotter than youd like it, that equates to roughly 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Its 5 degrees hotter than id like. I dont go above 80f if i can help it.

Humidity is low for veg and early flower, but if you can keep abobe 30 it will grow.

If these are your grow conditions, then your going to see issues from most strains. There are some that prefer 30c and 30 humidity, looka t KUSHes ive had great success in hot dry conditions with thise.


I will do that. Thanks very much for your input. Soo much info online that can quickly overwhelm.

that’s the 2 of them. Scorched one under the lights. And my auto I think has just stopped

If you think you have deficiency problems, post those pictures here in your thread.

And did your auto ever pick back up?

@OlyBoy98503 thanks for the reply. Auto hasn’t shown any signs of it but just won’t die so I’ve left her in the tent

. Put an auto girl scout and blueberry put last night to see if I can get one to grow in a fabric pots with multipurpose compost with a layer of seed compost on top. I flush my lime green plant yesterday and she looks better . Wow did the getting the ph right work. The other is a dark green and wasn’t sure if it was right or not. . Could I sex them now or do I have to wait. See some whit hairs on the dark green one. Unpredictable weather. Not my house to grow in so the garage is my only bet which means I can’t control the whole environment. Cold days are better than hot ones for me lights on and guess temp goes below 10c at lights off. I think that’s it.

I think you should get a little done for your stunted auto. Stop any watering and just spray the dome. Give it a day or two with just spritzing the inside of the dome.

And I don’t know anything about growing in Coco coir. All of the numbers and ph and mute sprayers and stuff intimidate me. But the color of your plants sure did come back! They look great.

And that last picture does look like girl parts. Could you post a couple more recent pics?


@OlyBoy98503. Sorry hit wrong button. That’s mg bigger of the 2 bag seed. Thought nitrogen toxic so flushed yesterday. Seems to be coming back to a lighter colour on leaves. New tips were burnt to.

. My second bag seed seems stunted and tightly packed nodes. but colour is definetly coming back. Planted girl scout cookies and she is 3 days old and a blueberry twist which came up after mignight so 12 hours old.![1590490754993424795060|690x388].(upload://3MCw2R9U1dGJCyRfFFD7K2ZE7hl.jpeg).

One of those pics is definitely showing girl parts! And the nitrogen burn is looking much better now. They are looking great!

Both of them @OlyBoy98503. I’m worried about the stunted one. Don’t wanna mess with it to much. Just water that’s been ph’d for a while? Sorry for late replies. Haven’t been able to check on the forum alot and there maybe a time difference. 1am now and only chance I get to look.

is she leggy for a few days old. Tried the dome with other auto in the tent. Wait and see how it goes. Much appreciated for your input.

This seedling germinated the second week of September, was planted on 9/16, and sprouted 9/19.
This picture was taken on 10/10.

It grew on my kitchen counter, under the cabinets with only a 20 year old cabinet florescent light. That light is usually on 24 hours a day. I currently have 7 sunflower seedlings under that light.
Ambient temperature was 60-70f during the day and 60-65F at night. I have NO idea what the humidity in the kitchen was.
Sometimes I would move them to a sunny window when I would remember. They got a squirt of houseplant plant food three or four times (the whole time.)
When I finally moved them to their big buckets, it was almost four months later on 01/10. And two that had lived looked like this.

Pretty sad, I know. I only transplanted them because I read some article about “root bound plants”, I thought I should do something about my seedlings. (I didn’t know nuthin’ ‘bout nuthin’) Then I found the ILGM website. Pretty much everything I learned/figured out came from here. Search some threads and find people who sound knowledgeable And grow like you want to grow. @Zee @Hellraiser @Cannabian Tag them in your posts when you ask questions here in your thread, like I did with these three as an example.

Keep your seedlings moist, not wet. Try to keep the temps around 21-23C. They are sturdier than we give them credit for. They’re weeds.

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I’m also tagging @James68. I believe the two of you share a timezone and experience growing above 50°N. He might see your questions before we do.


How long as the stunned one been that size, and what happened to stun her?

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@OlyBoy98503 @Zee My lights are about 25" from larger plants and about 35" from my other 2 autos that look leggy (or so i think)

so the not growing stunted auto is about 40" from light in tent. Lights and room temp is a nightmare to control without opening door and shining a light to next door garage. My stunted auto is prob about 5 weeks. Might give up on her as it was first one and expected to have problems. Think it was too cold lights off and too hot lights on. Lights are high to keep temps down and fan blowing towards it.

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don’t overwater and don’t over stress.

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@Zee @OlyBoy98503 @Silverback @Hellraiser @Cannabian @James68. How bad is over 30c in a tent? Stays about 26-28c mostly. Will raising lights lower temps and be okay or will they stretch too much? The lights 600w hps in a 1.2m wide 2m tall tent.

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does it need to be 30c ?..can you vent a bit of heat ?

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Ok, do you happen to have a MH bulb at 400w or 600w? If not, I would get at least the 600w, run about 20 bucks on Amazon. The HPS you will use in flower stage, don’t throw it away. Am using a 600w MH now during veg stage.

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@Zee No other bulb. Just purchased a tent kit. But ill get get the MH bulb as soon as. Doesn’t need to be 30 @James68 but it’s in my garage and its a hot day today. Most of my issues are because it’s a stealth grow in a residential area. Have the garage open a bit and the side door to let a breeze in.


@Zee Do I need same MH watt bulb as 600 hps

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