Granddaddy purple gone wrong

My granddaddy was planted in a 5 gallon fabric pot. I use dots for fertilizer mixed in the soil. When my plants were about 8 inches tall the leaves started to burn on the tips and continue so for 4 months. They got too big for the tent so I replanted them in a larger fabric pot. I then started to get little bud sites all over the original bud sites that were not actually growing. The plant is covered in crystals And I don’t see any sign of seeds. Has anybody have any idea what this plant might have in mind for the future. I’m at a loss since I’ve never seen anything like it

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Was this plant flowering under 12/12 then moved outside where the daylight hours were 14ish or more?? If so it revegged, a little confused :love_you_gesture:


That’s what I was thinking as well


Yeah , I agree with the community throwing single leafs definitely looks like reveging.


CLONE some of them branches.
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