Grand Daddy Purple Auto ready?

3x3x6 tent
600W Plizon LED
900W Plizon LED
600W Mars Hydro LED
CocoPeat soil
Fox Farms trio nutrients
Soil Ph 6.5
Grand Daddy Purple Auto from ILGM

They spent 4 weeks in veg and are now ending 8th week of flower. I supercropped both then let them run. I let them out today for a heavy rain and a little natural sun.

I keep looking for amber but don’t find any. All are cloudy though. Does anyone have experience with GDP autos doing that? Advice is greatly appreciated.


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Looks to me like you have reached the perpetual “2 more weeks” stage. LOL
Seriously the second picture looks closer than the first but both need a bit more time I think.


All cloudy highest thc. Cloudy/amber going to lock. 50/50amber/cloudy full on lock. Highest thc is supposed to be around 90/10 cloudy/clear to 100% cloudy. Amber is thc breaking down. I experimented hard to validate that for my medical friends. It is valid.