Grafting autos! Can it be done

Ok folks so I positively cloned an auto in its very late veg stage. Now I want to graft a ILGM Bruce Banner Auto and ILGM together, not sure what the outcome will be but I need to know the basics of grafting and links

I’ve seen someone post about grafting like 6 plants to 1 mother plant so its definitely possible

It was supposed to say grafting ILGM Gorilla Glue Auto and ILGM White Widow Auto together both autos lmao but thanks for that to BigCat

Yeah id use that search bar up top and search grafting. Not sure if it was arrow or someone else who was posting about it but that was months ago

I have to ask, why do you snip the ends off of clone leaves? Just curious :face_with_monocle:

Flitme what it does is allow the water vapor to reach the veins and their network to stimulate root development and top growth

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Grafting has been tried with cannabis, but not successfully.


Covertgrower we’ll have to change that won’t we :+1::call_me_hand::facepunch:

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They have vids up on youtube how to with different grafts on one main plant running a florecent 24/7 till it takes.with auto’s it may be a first! good luck!

Hmm :thinking:. I have a cheap blurple light in my germ pod/room maybe that’s why propagation is so smooth too

It takes weeks for grafting to take. The time it takes is not suitable for anything that’s meant to go fast, such as an auto. It doesn’t cross genetics, and often times takes a couple months after a successful graft to really start growing like a normal branch. all it does is allow them to share the same root system. You’d have a chance at succession if it was done with an old mother. In the event that grafting were to work on a reg seed plant, the yield for a few branches wouldn’t be worth the months and months of effort. Now grafting multiple strains into a mother to grow out for clones might be worth while, but I see months and months of work to make it sustainable enough to take clones from. And the size of that plant would have to be considerably larger than the average mother plant. Worth the work? Probably not. Cool? Absolutely.

Now as for clones which it looks like you took, if they root, they will probably bud at the same time,
Or try to. It won’t develop into a large plant.

Good luck on your experimentation, and share the results which ever direction they may go.


I am so glad you asked that! I thought it was just to keep it small!