Grab a seat, the shows about to start

These last 2 buds (same bud actually) would be alot bigger i think if i hadent lost my mind for 3 days way way way to early and did a complete flush (not a bad thing i know) and a complete nute replacement with Ripen (very bad thing too early)till I caught myself and kept up the 700ppm nute schedule we’re on now.

Still tho,she’ll be smok able i hope.

Which GH nute is it that if you use too much in flower it’ll make your buds fluffy (fluffy bad) was it floraliscious plus or flora nectar? I read it somewhere but can’t remember where. Lol too much sampling.

well a full 10 days later and still nothing to report as far as bud development . maybe a little more color (but not much). like day 118 or so I think. SSK1 and 2 are mostly cloudy about 5% amber. BLD1 and 2 are about 50% red hairs mostly clear with a few cloudy. GDP1 and 2 are worlds apart. GDP1 has about 80% red hairs with partly cloudy with a couple ambers. GDP2 is crazy big still with white hairs and little bud development; although the lower on the plant you get the bigger and tighter the colas. I don’t get it but there you have it.







and the whole lot.

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Okay finally got some ambers on everyone. So I started chopping on the 1st and this is how they’re looking 12 days l8r.

these 3 were the scrog girls they were considerably shorter, but had nice buds.

And this is the girls drying, I’ll give weights and yeild pics when done.

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Harvest congrats Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:

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