Got the equipment, now the assembly

I got a mars 2x2x5 tent. I should have gotten 6 ft tall, but I want to see if I can work with what I have. I got a HGL 135 light, 6in ac infinity carbon filter and fan. I was hoping to put the filter in the tent and the fan out. I think the tent is too small for that. So duct to fan to filter, outside tent? Any issues with that? Also, I’ll do research on adjusting light height, but where do I got good cables for this? Im starting with auto but plan to ultimately grow photo. Any other tips before my first indoor grow?

You can definitely put the filter on the exhaust side. Saves space inside a tight grow space.

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Currently growing in a 2x2x4. To gain valuable head space I got a 2x4 piece of hard board cut it to 2x2, marked out the top exhaust port and cut it out, relocated the AC Infinity T4 and the carbon filter out of the tent and put it on top. I probably gained a usable 8" or more of valuable space.

(I’m using the T4 as a pusher through the carbon filter)

IMHO, it will be a real challenge to do a photo in there. Not impossible, but it will require a lot of effort on your part.

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Thanks for the feedback. All good if it can’t be done. I have about 8 auto seeds to go through, so I’m set for a while. What do you suppose the minimum tent height for a photo is?

I’m gonna guess and say 6’. Reason being is you need to take into account the height of your container, how high you can get your light(s), then you need to figure your veg height and don’t forget the stretch going into flower! You don’t want to burn your plant with the lights.
I’m upgrading to a 4x4 and went with a 6’11" tall with the option to raise it to 7’11" just so I don’t have to worry about running out of head space.

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