Tent light almost at max height and netting?

Unfortunately my first tent is pretty small in height (27x27x62). With the filter at the top already. I don’t have much room left to raise up my grow light. I am keeping it 24 inches from the plant. When I get to the point the light won’t go any higher then I am figuring I should apply a net and start bending the branches, tying them to the net. Is that right? Just tie the net to the tent about 24 inches from the light.

I have a bigger tent (60x48x80) for next time but right now don’t have the filter and fan for it yet.

Yeah a trellis net, also called scrog net, is a great option. You can start it on the net lower than max height though, better to start controlling height early than leave it to the last minute in my opinion.


add the net now and start training the branches horizontally, don’t wait to run out of room.


Horizontal grow gives you the most colas…this is one white widow plant grown horizontally outdoors.


Thanks for the great info. I will get it setup this evening… :smiley:


You could put your exhaust and filter outside the tent pulling air out through the filter to add more room for light(s).

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Move everything to the top to buy some space. You can see top right is where my exhaust pulls through