Got some yellow trouble

Good afternoon yall,

I have some yellowing happening. I transplanted all of my girls on 8/14.

Joline has some yellow on the bottom leaves and is droopy.
Joline is a White Widow Auto-flower in FFOF.

Abby has yellowing. Abby is a Gold Leaf Feminized in FFHF.

The link to my Grow Journal is:

It has all 13 of my girls and all the other data. Dirt, light,etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

Might be the heat/richness of the ocean forest soil. Your happy frog one seem happier lol

Abby - 6.12 ph & 2030 ppm

Joline - 6.36 ph & 1140 ppm

Ro water ph was 7.64 before watering.

I watered them both with ro water until it ran out the bottom. Tested the run-off.

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Download the photone app and find your DLI (daily light interval)

Your watering?

Maybe lights to strong or humidity is to low or both your humidity is low maybe dome them until they grow a bit

Well a couple tips:

Well don’t PH RO water or any water with less than 250 ppm really, it can’t hold a PH and will change once it touches something.

Avoid run off unless feeding, the more you water to run off in soil the most your wasting nutrients washing it out the soil.

Try to keep daytime Temps at 78f and at the. Most 10f less for Lights off

Ambient room temp is 77-78 with 63% humidity.
Under the light it is 82-86 with 50% humidity. If I dome the Temps will rocket.

Light is on 20% @ 23" above plants.

Dirt was dry, pulling away from the sides of the bucket and I figured I needed to test ph and ppm of them. Unless I am wrong the only way to do that is to collect run off or do a slurry test.

How do you decide how much nutrients to give your plants if not testing run off or slurry? If not testing before adding nutes, you are either going to under feed or over feed because it is all about what is IN the dirt before feeding correct?

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Height and % doesn’t tell power use the app tell us the DLI please.

A humidfior helps if you don’t want to dome (I actually prefer a humidfior)

Slurry test works for sure preffered method because run off ph is not a cure but run off ppm. Is.
You are correct, what’s in the dirt is important.

Need the light info, to try and solve this…
If you can get a humidfior as small plant and plants in veg. Need alot of Humidty

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