Got seeds, No hermit, No male

Beginner here, been growing just over a year now.

Last night I noticed one or 2 seeds on some of the buds when I was going to store them for the long run. I did some research reading some posts, No Hermes no males it could be a feminized seed? Everything I’ve been reading the only way to find out is to plant it, keep a close eye and see what happens?

I read one way to make feminized seeds is to stress with that silver stuff and collect the pollen then pollinate female plants…?

If I have two or more female plants from different seeds and put them in all one tent to do a light and temperature stress. Would they just pollinate each other and get feminized seeds?

Im a little bit confused the difference with stressing with silver OR stressing with light, temperature and humidity. what’s the difference in seeds made one-way or the other way?

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I just found this information to my question. Link below

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