Got my Medical licence

I went and got my licence today for medical marijuana. It was a wonderful experience. Sent my fee into the mail yesterday now just waiting for the card to come into the mail. Michigan votes to legalize in november again and i hope it passes but incase it does not i will have my card.


Congratulations! Like you I’m hoping it goes full legal ASAP. From the way it sounds from what I’ve been reading/ talking to guys at my local Grow shop, who have collected signatures on official petition, are saying it will. Fingers crossed. I would like to avoid having to pay to renew my license every two years.
Welcome and enjoy your growing! This is the best Forum on the web. Bar none. everyone is polite courteous helpful and everyone wants everyone else to be able to grow the best medicine they can with the available resources that they have. Enjoy and have a nice morning. Look forward to seeing you around.


My friend owns a small Dispensary Very limited in terms of flower they have tons of concentrates.( i just don’t care for the taste) So i was able to get my meds on the downlow lol but now i have my licence so i am excited about going to a larger place with more variety of flower. I want to give Tangie strain a go i really like fruity buds. They also carry blueberry and from what i read that is a really good strain for pain and that’s what i suffer from Chronic pain from RA.


I’m sorry to hear about your pain. But like you and tons of other people on this website I too suffer from chronic pain and medical condition stuff. You’ll always find a sympathetic ear on this website. We talk about everything from growing to what music people are listening to. It’s a really special website you found. I hope you enjoy it and get as much out of it as I do.
The strains you have sound delicious haha. I’ve heard blueberry is an excellent strain to grow. I’ve been growing from dispensary clones myself all the way up until this very grow that I’m starting. I got some gold leaf and Blue Dream from this website. I haven’t started the gold leaf but I do have one blue dream that’s starting. I’ll keep you posted when I get to try it in a few months. Hopefully it’s a great pain reliever. I’ll also tag you too my grow Journal when I start one. Enjoy your grow and good luck.


I am also from Michigan and legal. Welcome and good luck on your grow. :sunglasses:


O my goodness i was like a kid in a candy store. So many strains so much food. Very Nice place well lit and clean. I didnt even get the strains i intended. I ended up with 1 g of blueberry, Mary Chino and Chem 4 x purple og and he tossed in a pre rolled for free everything was over like 1.1 grams 1.3 and the blueberry nug was right on the money. I am super impressed with the service and will be going back.

Sorta feel bad that i will not be going to my friends place anymore because of the lack of flower along with his lack of edibles (only a few things gummies a few cookies once) This place had caramels that are a perfect dose for me. All different types I am legal now and the experience of a good dispensary was amazing to me. Wish i would of done this sooner.


I’ve got some Blue Dream a few days from harvest. If you want to see how it grows, you can have a look at my Blue Dream Grow Journal. Hoping it’s the one. Out of the last bunch of strains I grew, I liked the Blue Cheese the best.


@Countryboyjvd1971 I have a question about odor eliminator. I normally smoke outside. But during the winter months its a little cold. What is the best odor eliminator incase i get some guest that pops over unannounced (ie… My mother) who is old and 1 she doesn’t like the smell and 2 doesn’t understand the medical benefits of cannabis. She just thinks drug addicts smoke cannabis. Any suggestions on the best odor eliminator? I have tried to educate her but at her age its just Drugs are bad!!!

I use this. It works good. There are many forms and scents. Little pricey though.

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Someday my state will legalize it!


Ozium air sanitizer. They sell it on Amazon. Just keep a can near the front door. One second spray before you open the door and it clears the whole room of odors. Stoners have been using it for decades. It is legendary.

That Ozium stuff works great, but kind of stinks. A must have when your harvesting.

I got mine in 2019. You have to get it renewed every year.