Got me a HLG550 V3 RSPEC

I just run 260xl rspec x 2 for my 4x4 tent and very happy with the coverage. Plus if I want to add two more QB I can long as I change the Meanwell driver out. :+1::+1::+1:

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Yea, I had intended on filling my 4x4, but that’s 4-6 plants n I just dont think I’ll need that much weed ya kno lol…gonna scrog my 2x4 next grow with 2-3 girl scout cookies! Cant wait…I wish I cld fast forward what I have in there now lol

But yes…I switched to the hlg 100 first, and I was so impressed with the difference that I bought the 260 lol no need to tell me how great they are I already know!

Hey how far away do u keep ur lights from canopy?

I keep my lights at the top.

@Hellraiser Do you have just one of the 30W UV strips? What are the dimensions of your tent?

Oh yea? It dosen’t effect ur plants negatively to keep it that far away from them?

Yes, just one 30 watt UVA light strip mounted in the center space of the 550 r spec in a 3x3x6 tent.

I have my grow technique dialed in so yeah, the lights at the top running full blast. :+1:

I wonder if I cld put mine all the way at the top? Lol

No clue…I don’t recommend my growing techique. :+1:

Elaborate on your technique please.

What’s the UVA all about?

UVA has been shown to increase the amounts of THC, CBD, and terpene production in cannabis plants.

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Cutter has some uv boards for good price. Will be more labor intensive, but they also have uvb.

Have any links to that? I’m familiar with studies supporting uvb, and it’s still pretty mild in support. Haven’t seen much for uva though.

@dbrn32 Only from companies that make uva lights it seems, lol, nothing I would point to as definitive scientific studies, I figure for $150, why the hell not, since I’m running the same clones I’ve been running for years, I should be able to tell if it’s any better than before (or would I even notice a 5% increase in thc?). Would HLG make a useless product?


I’ve spent more on less too.

Here is what some people miss. The acclaimed 3-5% increase said to be attained using UV was from UVB, as far as the studies I’m aware of. And the increase was from tested levels of thc going from something like 20% thc to 21% thc (indeed a 5% increase) but not something like 20% to 25%.

I have a hard time recommending people spend money on that.


I think hlg will make whatever people want.


Yep, thats’s my understanding as well. it’s not going to make a big difference, I like the pretty blue light though.

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Two questions.
My plan is use the HLG 100 as a nursery light for seedlings and such until we purchase two 260’s. This is my first grow, so that’s why everything is at different heights. The two larger ones are from dispensary flower. One was 36% Motorbreath and the other we have no clue, but both are 3 weeks old and the other 6 are Roberts GG’s and they are 12 days old. Don’t ask, I’m just proud they’re alive😎

  1. All eight have been under that 100 watt LED at 18/6. Our first 15 hour day is 5/30 and we currently sit at one month until solstice where I reside in northern Illinois.
    I’m going to try and grow one auto-flower all the way to harvest. Do you think that 100 watt LED will produce decent buds if there is just one plant?

  2. Since the two larger plants have been under an LED for 26 days at 18/6. What do I need to do before putting them outside full time? It’s still too cold for them to stay out at night, and I don’t want them to think it’s harvest time.