Gorrila Glue #4 - Week 7 Flower

I’m at the beginning of week 7 of my flower cycle on my first ever GG#4 grow. Of all the things I’ve learned over the past few years, one of the toughest for me has been when to make the call to start the flush. I’ve been too early… I’ve been too late… I keep a close eye on the trichome maturity… but even then I struggle.

I am stuck again wondering when to make the call. I dont have any pics of the trichs, as we all know how fun that can be. But they are showing slight signs of amber here and there with the majority being cloudy. From what I read gg4 mature around 8-9 weeks. Any tips?

Check out these beauty colas!


Looks fantastic, but push the nutrients further!!!

Brown a 1/8-1/4” of the tips of the leaves… you want to see a slight burn to know you have them the most they could handle and got as big as you could get them


Best tip for trich pics, get cell phone close and have it in focus. Then take pic, edit zoom save repeat


Really!?! This usually happens regardless in most of my grows. And there are slight signs of nut burn, but not much. I though I had them fialed in perfectly. Maybe I’ll give them one more watering with heavy nuts before I start my flush. ?

Yes! This works the best, but being under that HPS makes it difficult as well.

You add blackstrap to that mix?

I would have to concur with @PharmerBob. I use brown sugar, instead of Blackstrap, has both regular sugars and molasses in it have used it for years on my outdoor grows.

Nice.bud @PharmerBob. I love a pretty cola that is big. :heart_eyes:

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F mine did you see @Botcan!!! Those things are gorgeous

What’s your brown sugar to water ratio?

I would have to agree @PharmerBob awesome bud. Outmotherfrakingstanding

Nice bud!

Sorry @Botcan I wasn’t trying to take away from what you were doing here

I really just needed a burnt leaf pic and it was first one I had

I’ve deleted so we can be more helpful

All good. Lol thanks for the reference pic.

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So if you know your ppm for feeding I would give it just a little more, say your at 1.1 ppt go 1.2 ppm ( or 100 ppm more) add sugars! Blackstrap molasses, things to help the soil breakdown what’s in there and push them just a little harder

Your at the end and can see the finish, a pk boost wouldn’t be bad either, beastie blooms

Ok, I’ll play with it!

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I have been using the Liquid Bloom during the whole flower cycle. I thinks its doing the trick cause my colas are getting giant and DENSE!.


Hell yea they definitely are!!

Going to be a nice haul

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