Good tents for three plants

Happy Friday. Happy growin . What would be a good brand and right sized tent for 3 plants Thank you in advance.

2×6×6 will work

Depends on your space and how you grow. A 4x4allows up to 4 but also allows for 1 large SCROG. I find a space 2x wide is just too thin if you have a big plant.


I agree with @WickedAle I wouldn’t get anything smaller than 3’ wide definitely regret my 2’ wide tent and will have to get a bigger one!!

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Appreciate you all. How about a name brand that us a reliable one.

Bought generic from flea bay and it works great. Save money for the light, your most important investment. I highly recommends Horticultural Lighting Group for the lights. Don’t bother with the cheap lights on Amazon or flea bay.


Thank you @WickedAle, I got an mh/hos 400 watt. I have a home made little area made out of insulation board and foil/duck tape! But it has worked . I need a more secure thing to use tho moving forward. Those quantum boards do look like a safe bet and will consider in the near future.