Good morning fellow growers and stoners!

Hey good morning!! @Willd @Countryboyjvd1971 @Screwauger @Capt_Seeweed @Momtomask @SmoknGranny @BIGE @North_East_Newbie @Covertgrower

Good morning to everyone else! Just felt like posting something so whats up? how are people on this Thursday?

I am excited for the weekend it is going to be a 3 day weekend going to NH to do some camping in our brand new to us 1968 cox popup trailer camping. Work is kind of slow at the moment so hoping for a nice easy day tomorrow and an early release will be great!


How is it going? Let me put it this way, the sign on the pharmacy across the street from me is reading 38°C, it’s cleared the 100°F mark outside and that isn’t in direct sunlight.

I want to hibernate.


Oh boy that is hibernating weather for sure. It is humid here you could practical cut the air with a knife. temps are supposed to go above 90 but ad humidity and it is brutal.

That starts tomorrow for us, temps are to go higher and then the humidity will rise for the rain and thunderstorms expected from 00:01 on Saturday


When it’s not raining it’s 99% humidity. May have to take measures to prevent more wind damage. I bought a 6000’ spool of tomato twine in the spring so I think I have enough to make temporary bindings.


Hey Ernie.

I’m working my tail off cause it’s the last day before my vacation!!! Good to hear from you. I’ve got my hands full with flowers galore and all of this heat and humidity…not very growey of me but hey, we live we learn!! Stay safe.

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I’m in the same boat as @Willd rn. I know FL is hot and muggy to say the least :laughing: but this year has been awful. Nonstop rain and bud rot, a bad year for outdoor growin’

Glad to hear you’ve got a nice holiday planned. I loved camping with my kids when they were young. We had a great pop-up we called the Shasta from Disata! Never let us down! Hope you have a blast!

PS One thing I learned about camping in NH (we always went to a place I think called Twin Mountain (halfway between Story Land on one side and Santa’s Village on the other) - it gets cold at night - even in summer! Bring blankets even though you might think you won’t use them! :+1:t3:

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Well fortunately I’m not dealing with the excess heat or any bud rot. The humidity, rain, & wind however, have been a little more challenging than usual.

We are contemplating erecting a hoop house or a high tunnel so I can direct sow my crop right in the ground instead of starting seedlings using lights & fans in the cellar like I’ve always done.

It would take total crop devastation to get me to stop growing outdoors directly in the ground.

The only way to lessen the likelihood of wind damage is to expose the seedlings to stiff wind from the onset. When I do LST I try to place the anchor 15-30° offset from the attachment point of the branch being tied instead of perpendicular to the trunk or parallel to the branch as well. (Looking from above).
I definitely had issue with branches splitting from the trunk last season too, but not until they were laden with heavy nugs.

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Woohoo sorry for late reply brother
Enjoy the trip
Woohoo on the classic rig you bought
:v:Happy growing CB

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Thanks I am itching to get out of work. We are all caught up so hopefully soon.

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