Good for growing?

A question from a fellow grower:

Would this be good to grow marijuana in?


@Willd maybe you can help on this?

@kabongster has a similar one his input here would be useful

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This looks perfect as long as there is not a lot of wind at this grower’s location and adequate supplemental anchoring is used during installation. The hardware provided with these types of no tools required assemblies are typically not going to withstand any load beyond it’s rating.
The ratchet straps used on the shelter logic products would likely damage the flimsy frame of something like this too so cinder blocks or sand bags instead of ground anchors with ratchets might be the only way to go too


I anchored the frame separately and securely then put the tenting on with additional tie downs.

Under the tent got very hot with the screened openings provided…and flying bugs went in and stayed.

I had to make holes opposite the doorway, flapped windows, and they helped a lot…those and hanging sticky pest strips. Bugs were less of a problem. The breeze, some food grade Diatomacious Earth and a few weeks of Neem Oil sprays, no more bugs.

My tent was still too hot. This year I will try rolling the edges up a foot or so for more ventilation…maybe expand the holes I made into another doorway.

The tent was a good addition, just getting temperatures acceptable is my problem.


Our fellow grower also is wondering what a good soil mix is for autoflowering seeds. Anybody who can help? :smiley:

I personally use ProMix BX & Sunshine #4 exclusively. I like to start indoors with BX then use the sunshine #4 for the holes in the ground.

Neither contains any added nutrients but both included beneficial non fertilizer biologic components such as mycorhizae.
Much like any recipe, ask 10 chefs and get 10 different yet acceptable answers.


I am going to do some smart pots out doors or green house what about nutrients

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Thanks for passing this along @ClaireILGM
I don’t use any nutes until I get them outside. I use a mix of my own 2 year old aged compost in the holes with some of the dirt too. I side dress with that & water it in with fish emulsion dilution every couple of weeks til pre-flower. Then I stop dressing and fish emulsion.
I like Gen Hydro’s Kool Bloom liquid/powder 1-2 punch for flowering nutes.
At first sign of pre flower I apply the liquid and then again 2 weeks later to increase viable bloom sites. Then I do nothing for the next couple of weeks while gradually snipping off all the skimpy lower growth. Then I apply the powder sparingly weekly until I see the first sign of milky trichs. Then I apply one last dose and just water it until 7-10 days before my trics are where I like them. Cutting off the water makes for more production. I’m going to try stem splitting this time around too. Always room for improvement and knowledge each grow.

I like both barely any amber to about 50/50 so that can be the difference of 7-14days too. So I tend to take the bigger buds more milky and let the smaller stuff get good and plump to offset the weight differential by waiting the trichs get more amber.

Doing it as SCROG this season too so the gradual harvest scenario I’m accustomed to doing is subject to change.
Feel free to ask me anything about growing. Good luck with your grow. And welcome to the forum.


Is that the sunshine #4 advanced

Yes. Sorry for the mix up above. I mix the sunshine #4 with my compost and some of the dirt I dig out of the holes in the ground. I’ve never grown in containers and my soil analysis is a known. What region are you in?
You can’t really go wrong with fish emulsion during veg whether in the ground or pots but in the ground is a better buffer for the KoolBloom than pots unless they’re enormous. Just my 2¢


I would recommend Pro Mix BX, too…I haven’t come across the Sunshine #4.

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@Willd iv’e also used both of these mediums and they work great,no problems at all…

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I am from oregon

Do I need to add any thing to both of those mix’s and I was think of doing General Organics for nutrients

When should I plant my auto flowering seeds??

The general organics nutes should be fine. Neither of the planting mixes mentioned above contain nutrients which you will definitely need to add since you’re not actually transplanting them outdoors into a nutrient rich plot.

I’d say anytime now is fine as long as your past risk of frost. I personally wouldn’t expend the effort of bringing them outdoors only to restrict their growth by leaving them in pots. But then again they’re autos so they are not going to get as big as a non GMO strain.

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Will black gold seedling mix be good soil to put my seeds on after they germinate

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I haven’t used that before but if the word “mix” is used it is probably soilless and would be a 5.8 pH . Just a heads up!

So what would be a good soil