What I have is a 4 leafed & rounded but it had purple so I thought it might be blueberry auto

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I have been very careful about my first seeds. 1 did sprout but then died. 2 more have failed to sprout. 4 and 7 days and I am on my last two now. Though I am a noob, I did use 1 part percolite, 1 part coconut choir, 2 parts good black soil, and worm castings mixed in. I have a grow tent and a 300 watt LED grow light just above the 5 gal bucket I am using to grow. Still failing me. 4 and 5 are waiting in small cups of same soil off to the side in tent. 2 is a non-starter in main bucket. 4 is in main bucket and seems to be a late bloomer if it germinates. Could someone send me a pic of the seedling for blueberry auto? Something is growing but I don’t think its this seed. Probably something wild that came with the soil. Yea, whatever I have is a 4 leafed and rounded but it had purple so I thought it might be it but there are also more of them than I had seeds to begin with now, so it cant be.”

  • Strain (type, bag seed): blueberry autoflower
  • Soil in pots, hydroponic, or coco?: pots, coconut choir(1part) percolite (1part) soil (2 parts) and worm castings (1partish)
  • PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?: not checked
  • What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS: no nutrients added yet - read it didn’t need ‘feed’ until 3 weeks. planning to do organic green compost/rabbit manure to the right NPK ratio. Worm castings added for nutrition from beginning
  • Indoor or outdoor: Indoor
  • Light system, size?: 300watt multi spectrum led growlight
  • Temps day, night: 70day-75 night, grow tent has made it harder to perfect i usually lower temp to 55 at night but it stays 70.
  • Humidity day, night: 20%ish, i have 2 meters running but give diff. numbers
  • Ventilation system (yes/no, size): n/a as of now
  • AC, humidifier, de-humidifier?: I have a fan running in the room for microgreens. but plant is in a tent…
  • Co2 (yes/no): none other than i breath in it when i check on it.

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That medium mix may be a little hot for seedling
Ph wayer to 6.5
Mist soil and keep top layer moist for the next week or two
You might want to cut a a two liter bottle and use it as a dome to keep humidity up as well
Cut lid setuon off drill a few hiles fior ventilation
What else is growing in the soil ?


Whatever is growing doesnt look like weed. There is also 6+ of it and i had only 5 seeds to try and 2 definitely never started they were tried awhile back. the soil had some stuf with it i guess. Was frozen soil i dug up and mixed with the other stuff.

How do i adjust the PH or test it cheaply? I thought humidity was bad for cannibus?

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i checked again humidity is around 36% right now, how can i raise it for multiple plants? I saw the bottle method he mentioned for 1.

what kind of fan could be used inside a tent?

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@nemo Some people will hang a wet towel in their tent. Or you can use a humidifier. A lot of growers use 6 in desk fans, at least 2, with clips on them so they can clamp them to the poles inside the tent. You can also use a box fan

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is there any good options for my grow tent? it has tons of holes for various whatever I don’t understand them all. wires in some, filters in some? fans in some? i dunno.

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@nemo not sure i understand the question. Dont forget to tag users with the @ symbol followed by their name. That,way we will be notified!

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@VelcroThumb Thanks for the replies.

So i have a tent with various entry holes (kind of a sleeve) for various additions to the tent, i don’t know which i need. I want more co2 so perhaps i need a way to transfer air in and out of it, is there a fan that will work for those holes? i know down the road if the smell ramps up i need a carbon filter or something to prevent nosy neighbor issues. I live downtown.

What will fit into the holes and what is the order of priority for which items needed? A fan is first?

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The holes are for electrical cables and some kind of exhaust, usually flexible ducting. The holes usually have pull strings included so you pull them tight around whatever you pass through the hole. That helps keep the tent light proof (very important in flowering)

I use a couple of 6" clip on fans, the cables run through the holes in the tent to wall sockets. They keep the air moving in the plant’s canopy - reduces the chances of mold and helps build strong stems

A good carbon filter + exhaust fan is required to keep exchanging the air in the tent, typically 4" diameter fan and ducting. The ducting passes out of the tent through one of the bigger holes at the top of the tent. In my setup I have the fan speed adjusted so that the sides of the tent are slightly concave (sucked in). That tells me that no air (and therefore smell) will leak out, everything goes through the carbon filter

Edit: Top tip, suspend your exhaust fan with bungees to help isolate it and keep the noise down. I will try and get some pics for you shortly


Pictures as promised:

Kind of hard to see but the side of my tent is concave, this is reassuring since it means I won’t have an “aroma management issue” :sunglasses:

The holes in the tent allow egress of electrical cables, pull the drawstring tight to reduce light leakage

Carbon filter suspended in a bungee cargo net, exhaust fan similarly suspended with bungees. Hot, scrubbed, odourless air exits via ducting through a hole in the upper side of the tent

Edit: While we’re on the subject, try to keep all your electrical gubbins (timers, cables, power strips etc) at the top of the tent. That way if you have a water spill you won’t have an electrical problem too.


it looks complex. can you recommend which products to buy and i’ll try to copy what you have done.

You’re putting the exhaust in a sleeve, a carbon filter in a sleeve, and a fan in a sleeve?


It’s not really complicated, let’s break it down …

The carbon filter (white cylinder on the left of the pic) is there to scrub the air and remove the stink. The cargo net is just an easy way to suspend it and since it also removes the hot air we put it as high up in the tent as we can.

The carbon filter is connected via some ducting to a centrifugal fan, the fan has a speed controller so I can vary its speed (duh). I hang the fan from red bungees because it isolates it and stops the vibrations making more noise than absolutely necessary

Finally another piece of ducting takes the output of the fan through a hole/sleeve in the side of the tent. That gets the hot air out of the tent.

Have a mooch round Amazon for parts, I can dig up some links if you like. Robert sent out a mail that talks about choosing these components. You need to make sure that the carbon filter is large enough (look for CFM ratings - cubic feet per minute) that it can clean up the amount of air your fan will move. The fan should large enough (CFM again) to completely replace all the air in your tent every X minutes

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Never place or mix regular soil for weed. Especially regular outdoor dirt. It is full of pest that you will hardly see untill it’s too late. You can use but you have to either steam it very good or bake in oven. I tried that before it rarely works so I just buy MG Light to place sprout seedlings in. I also don’t germinate in soil. I use either cup method or wet paper towel and mykros.

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i got a carbon filter and air filter and ducting, but I am having trouble finding a large enough adjustable pipe clamp for the hose like you have in your picture. Any suggestions?

Lowe’s, Home Depot, any hardware store.


Search for ‘4" stainless steel duct clamp’ on Amazon. As @Rugar89 suggested Home Despot etc etc

If you are really stuck you can daisy chain cable ties as a temporary measure.

Good to hear you are getting your ‘grow op’ sorted

thank you. I am very interested in seeing this plant yield. I’ve touched on articles about sexing and clipping etc. I want to sex and separate the males if any, I did get female seeds) and I’d be interested in maybe doing some cuttings for additional growth/yield. But I know those are advanced and I am still kinda new. When is the timing for such things?

I made a rabbit manure tea with a little added nonsulfure molassus recently (saw a vid on this) and it seems to have been good for growth, i have a few small plants and the main bucket has filled with growth about 4 inches high now.

What should I do for timing and making sure I don’t mess up?

Ok so these plants are single bladed, not 5 bladed like pot should be. I didn’t even realize it until someone mentioned it when I asked for help sexing on a forum. Wtf is this guys, I bought blueberry autoflower?

It SMELLS right, though. But single bladed leaves?

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From your support ticket:

Where did you get the good black soil? I think what you have there is A weed and not THE weed. Is it possible some random weed seeds snuck in with your soil?

The flowers look sort of like MJ but that’s where the similarity ends. Really sorry but that doesn’t look anything like MJ.