Golden Leaf problem

Can anyone tell me what’s going on with this plant. The leaves are turning yellow with brown spots and dying.

Thanks for the help.

Let’s consult the good ole charts

I’d say it’s most likely potassium deficit maybe a little magnesium deficit to

Thanks. Got any recommendations on what I should get?

We should start with understanding what you’re already giving the plant. What’s the medium? What amendments or nutrients are you adding, and on what schedule?

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I’d just give them a good dose of grow fertilizer with cal mag cause the yellowing could also be nitrogen related also check your soils ph it could be nute lockout

Couldn’t agree more. regular check of soil ph, regardless of medium, usually sorts out most problems. If you don’t have one, a soil ph meter is an inexpensive investment, and one that will save you a lot of hassle over the long term.
Theres an article by Robert Bergman on this site that explains correct procedure for checking ph.

I’ve been feeding them Advanced Nutrients Big Bud. I feed it every four days. The medium is Fox Farm Happy Frog organic potting soil. PH is seems to be fine at the 6.8 level. Any ideas?

I just looked up that fertilizer and it 0 nitrogen you gotta mix some earthworm casting with it or switch to fox farm trio or dyna grow I discounted nitrogen because the spots but that’s definitely it also still need cal mag I think

Ok, thanks. I have some Cal Mag arriving today. I use the Advanced Nutrients Big Bud. Does that have nitrogen? I have another plant in the same potting soil that’s doing fine.

No it doesn’t at all (at least the one I found online ) its made to me mixed with a normal fertilizer around flower time but like I said get those earthworm castings most gardening places like home depot sell it , and it’s just a matter of time for the other one I’m guessing it had slightly more nitrogen in its soil

Look at the ingredients it usually gives you a n-p-k ratio I think it was like 0-1-3

From what I see it doesn’t look like a nutrient issue but a mold/fungus type issue…like this

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Great image(s)! I tracked down the link to share…

Try goggle NPK university a wealth of fert information.

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the help here. I gave it a dose of Cal Mag. Added some fert with nitrogen in it too. I’ll trim off the bad leaves and will see how that goes.

Getting the support from you is great! Thanks!