Gold Leaf issue

I have an issue with Gold Leaf. See pics. Some leaves are yellowing with crispy brown edges. None of the seven other plants are exhibiting this symptom. They all get the same - compost tea weekly, but watering with PH 6.5 RO water w/ URB, Blue Planet liquid seaweed, and molasses every other day. 100% organic so no synth nute salts. Soil is FF OF/HF w/ EWC & Roots Organics Nitro bat guano, along with some Root Magic powder. All in the recommended amounts. I have this GL, one Afghan, two Blue Dreams, three Super Lemon Haze. Other plants look good. Lighting is Niemi LED HLG 550 R Spec knockoff which actually works very well, at 80% brightness. Tent is well ventilated, temps stay at around 72°F but struggling to keep humidity under 65.

Insights appreciated, forgot to mention in middle of week 6 of flower. Thanks

Since you’re using RO water, it might be time to supplement some calcium.

I haven’t used urb, but I’ve been seeing people with plant issues lately who have been using it.

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Yeah, searching the net I found other mentions of cal/mag deficiencies in similar cases. Not convinced URB is a problem though it may exacerbate the deficiency. All it contains is humic acid and beneficial microbes. Time for some correction, hope it’s not too late in the game. Any recommendations for a fast acting, organic cal/mag supplement?

It depends on what you have on hand or in your local grow shop (if you have one).
Dolomite lime/growers lime as a top dressing will work, but it’s not immediate.
Xtreme gardening has a calcium mix for foliar spray
Just about any cal/mag supplement will work. Just be sure to discontinue its use the final few weeks since most contain nitrogen (earth juice oilycann does not).

Well I got some Sensi (think its by AN) cal/mag but not sure its 100% organic. I’m in soil and DO NOT want to taste this sh*t. I HATE metallic harsh tasting chem ferts. Decisions decisions.


might want to try giving it a water with some epsom salt and tepid tap water… seen it work wonders before…

Epsom salt is a good magnesium supplement. While it won’t hurt to use it, I believe it’s more of calcium issue.

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would using some tepid tap water with the epsom salt vs the RO help boost it in the right direction ?

There may be a tiny amount of calcium in your tap water, but that plant is screaming for more.

You could foliar spray cal mag, but the an
sensi I think has iron in it. Not so sure about foliar spraying that in flower.



Either that or potassium level is getting low. The overall look of the plant is ‘hungry’. Cal mag applied to soil is safest IMO and ought to look into (if organic) to run some fruit bat guano for the P and K.


I should also mention I’m using a chicken poo/straw compost base in my weekly tea application, with worm poo and Roots Organics Super Phos bat guano in recommended amounts, also with some URB and molasses. Hard to believe they can be hungry with all this stuff, but if that is the general opinion I’m going to address the issue with this revelation in mind. To be frank it’s my nightmare to overfeed and nute burn a plant so I may not be giving them enough from my overabundance of caution. I am following the instructions though. Appreciate your help guys

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The biggest drawback of using distilled/ro water is that It frequently causes calcium or magnesium deficiencies. Many times it’s in the first few weeks of flower.
It’s something to be aware of.
In the future you can add an organic friendly cal and mag supplement to your watering schedule.

OK, the Roots Super Phos is stated by the mfr to have significant calcium content, so I’ll be using it in the waterings as well as the weekly compost feedings. It’s a fine powder and appears to be somewhat water soluble so we’ll see how it goes.

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The only issue I see is with that, is high phosphorus will lock out calcium and magnesium.

Sometimes it’s tough to tell WHY your plants are deficient. It could be temp, pH, excess of other nutes…

Did you tell us your latest ppm runoff?

You said you absolutely do not wanna taste … your gonna be doing mega flushes anywho…

Don’t have a ppm meter just yet, that’s on my list though. First time indoor grower. As for runoff, are you referring to excess water drained from the containers the plants are in? I don’t really have much of that unfortunately. The plants are in 10 gal smartpots and I use a garden sprayer to water & tea the soil slowly, letting the water settle down into it before repeating. If I go too fast it leaks down the sides. Using 4 gallons each watering, all plants get a good drink but there’s usually no runoff, or at least none that I can see.

Idk if I am too late however you can add a slow release calcium source into a 48h compost tea brew, it will accelerate the nutrient decomposition.

True however I know where he is coming from, I grow organic myself. The flavor profile of all the terpenes and flavonoids are superb with no nutes, it’s when it’s added they go away and it’s really noticeable personally.

Can you link me your model? I’ve been thinking of doing that myself, don’t know a good brand of sprayers tho

Might be time to run some R/O water through em to get an actual runoff number. A natural PH buffer and source of calcium is a top dressing of dolomite lime.