Gold Leaf & Gorilla Glue

I had to flip (because of timing issues on my part) after only 18 days of veg but I had to share the pictures of the Gold Leaf. After over feeding not once but TWICE (first time I damn near killed em) both came back pretty nicely. At one point I almost decided to call it a major screw up on my part and toss both but glad I didn’t. The genetics speak for themselves…I’m thinking a week maybe more for the GOLD LEAF but should be enough medication for my father until next harvest. Seriously thinking about giving SUPERSOIL a go and would love input from the ILGM family. I’m strictly a soil grower and again would welcome suggestions for next grow. Prob same 2 strains…


They’re beautiful… I’m in the middle of an experiment myself with a soil grow, I’m using a product called earth dust and so far I’m pretty impressed with it. I switched my lights to 12s on 9/9 here’s a pic from about a week ago. I only have 431w actual of light half of it is 2 old blurples and a sf2000 (spider farmer) between them. I’ll put a link to the place I get the dust if you care to check it out
Edit = forgot to say they have some really good lights as well but if you go to the link you can see the earth dust… maybe Trump will send me enough money to get a couple nice lights for Christmas lol


The plants look great. Great choice of strains.