Gold Leaf Auto at 7 weeks

My first grow of the Gold Leaf and it is looking good so far at 7 weeks.

They are under a 24/24 light schedule.

Should I begin to prune the big shade leaves at this point or continue to let them grow?


Have had several runs of gold leaf but not autos. I had to take some of the big leafs they had such big elephant ear leafs it was limiting light penetration and air circulation. Also tuck some under. End results home run strain love growing Gold Leaf. Also you might consider 18/6 on light schedule.


Mine at 8 weeks isn’t as far as yours, but mine looks a lot bigger. Finally starting to get hairs… Exciting, mine has a bunch of the big leaves as well. I’m going to be following to see if they should be cut.

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This auto id 40" tall

Then about the same as mine. Hard to tell from the pic.

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I personally remove leaves on autos to allow light penetration on the buds and good airflow. Also, I think 24 hours of light does not give better yields on autos, so I use 18/6. Btw, your plants look great.

Happy growing!


Autos should not be pruned, the big shade leaves are their solar energy collectors.
Use mirrors and extra fans to bounce the light and air into the plant but do not prune. :leaves: :sun_with_face: