GodFather Og from ILGM

This is my first time growing this strain and so far I’m liking it. I’m going into week 6 of flower.Anyone here grown this before? And if so, how long does this strain usually take?


I have not grown that strain, your plant is beautiful though.


Most strains will be ripe for harvest in 9 to 11 weeks from the start of flower depending on your taste in trichome maturity. The balance is between THC and the “sleepy” cannabinoid CBN. THC oxidizes into CBN as the tricomes turn to amber.

There is not a whole lot of variation among the strains in harvest time, though sativas usually take a little longer.

Get a USB microscope ($30 on Amazon) and begin looking at trichomes on flower when the pistils on your flower begin to brown and recede back into the buds. What you will be looking for is this:


The last one I did was a chunk with 12 oz. of flower for the yield. It was an 8 week flowering plant for me. Your mileage may vary though.


I’ve not grown it before, but have one going outdoors right now. I’ve never grown outdoors either, so we’ll see. Yours looks great. Here’s mine on day 60. Looks like you’ve got a few weeks to go.


I have grown GodOG twice, once from seed and then clones from that run. They were a quick finish both x’s for me. My outdoor (seeds) run was done near the end of Sept instead of Oct like other strains I’ve done. My indoor clone run seemed a tad faster. I’d say basically about a 9 wk flower period in my experience. Great smoke

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