Girls are stretching their legs

I got 20”headroom left I flipped a week ago started seeing them hairs today will they continue to stretch or will buds fatten up or both got Ilgm 3 sky and 2 bd, also am I too late to scrog will that control height? Their at about 20”high now my first photos hope I don’t disappoint thanks for all the great help! This is a great forum been reading a lot for about a yr before I took the plunge.

just an old man trying to get meds


You can still scrog. Get that net up and push them down. That will buy you some inches and time. May want to consider thinning out the lower 30% to give her some more air.


B-e-a-utiful :clap:

Got a vivisun 4x4 net ready to go will put in morning I got a fan underneath you read my mind Its a jungle in there :slightly_smiling_face:just don’t know what to cut fanleaves or other leaves? how far up from soil? Thanks everyone!

They will probably still gain some height. When you have plants in close proximity they fight for space a little, usually a little more height.


Did quite a few lst and a bunch of toppings, 3 was my plan and I got carried away🙂


I don’t see any issue with it. Just something you need to plan for.

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Strip the bottom 1/3 right to the stem. That’s never going to get the light from above so it’s nothing lost.

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First welcome to the community plants look great nice and healthy. 20-inchs still a good amount of space to work with. Like mentioned you may have to pull and tie a few limbs down spread it out in order to stay within that 20 inchs. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks for the positive vibes, just put up scrog net and defoliated the bottom did some tuck and weave, can you use any of the trimmings for anything or is it too early?


Fan leaves i toss. Some people make smoothies with em. Ladies look GREAT btw. Well done so far


I’ve used my trimmings for smoothies before, but I have since started an all cannabis material compost I plan on using for future grows.


Thanks again! always liked the Ravens and their defense btw :wink:

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My ph has been between 6.3-6.7 and ppm 1600-1800, is there a chart on ppm’s on grow stages in soil? Also my temps during day seem to stay between 80-82 is that too high? Humidity seems ok between 50-55 thanks again everyone!

What brand of nutes again?

Green planet medi one and cal mag just started when switched to flower, 25% then 50% every other feeding with 50% cal mag, then ph’d city water. fox forest ocean soil for 1st 2 months may go full dose I don’t know😳 thanks

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Just the one i saw a few times. Seems they ppms are off the charts too. Have u measured runoff? Ffof has a good bit in it anyway. Id use that chart round half strength unless the girls asked for differently

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The numbers I gave were runoff 2 days ago after feeding 1/2 dose they been drinking every 3 days tomorrow will be city water I’ve been checking runoffs every time they drink ocd😎

Week before was 700-1200 runoff with city water

I mean 3 days before😲