Girls are fattening up

First grow. Finally getting to the fun part. Watching buds grow and get sticky.


Looks good; still another 4 weeks or so, looks like.

Thanks, definitely believe in ILGM seeds. Northern Lights

Way to go :grin:

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Looks great :+1:

keep an eye on the tall girl. hate to see her topple over from the weight. Stake, support yo-yo

Congratulations Looking good ! keep taking care of them let those buds keep fattening up.

Going to start the overdrive next feeding. Thanks

Did you just let them grow or did you lst or top em?

I screwed them up to begin with under subpar lighting. So I kinda just let them do their thing but tied down one a little. I will do better next time. Starting more this weekend. Thanks

@AutoMattik I would watch the tips of
Your plants looks like she’s getting a little nute burn