Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Orange Blotches

Hello. New grower here and am on my 2nd grow ever and 1st grow of an autoflower. I am growing Girl Scout Cookies Extreme from seeds which I got here on this site. I am growing in 5 gallon fabric pots with Nature’s Care Soil and Perlite. I am using Botanicare CSN17 Grow, Bloom, and Ripen as directed on back of containers. I have been PHing my water to 6.5. Today is the final day of Week 9. I am counting from the first day the seed popped out of the soil. This grow has gone perfect with no issues of any kinds until the last few days and I noticed these orange splotches popping up on my leaves and can’t figure out what it is, what’s causing it, and how harmful it is. I’m also concerned about the small size of my buds since it’s almost harvest time compared to photos and videos I’ve seen of other people’s GSC-E. The two photos I just took for this post. I appreciate in advance any info and advice.

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