Girl is growing tall

I am not sure what to do with this girl she is growing tall with no buds

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Have to let the photos upload first

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U didnt allow enough time for ur photos to upload before u submitted

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@Angela2 When you post a picture you need to next to the reply button and next to the garbage button. You will see a check mark next to the reply button.

This was 7’6” indoor grow. Indoors on a 12/12 cycle start to finish. That is big. :crazy_face:

When you see the check mark, its ready to hit reply. :+1:


Ok I will try again


Looks like they just started to flower. They do stretch a bit when they go into flower

Wow is the big plant you were talking about in a 15 gallon grow pot? You obviously may want to move the smaller plants away so they get some sun too! Should be a large producer…

My biggest pot is 5 gallons I am afraid to move them to new pots now

This lady is growing very tall not sure what to do with it