Outdoor grow plants getting tall

My 7 plants are entering their 12/13th week and starting to flower up. My question is how tall will these girls continue to grow? I pinched them all back quite a few weeks ago and they now each have several branches (colas) reaching 8 feet in height. I didn’t think I would have issues hiding them from my neighbors, but now they are towering over the shrubs in my backyard. If they get much taller I may have to worry about low flying aircraft lol. Will they get much taller since I’m getting close to maybe 6/7 weeks until harvest?

They will continue to gain height until after the 1st few weeks into flowering when the stretch is over. I wouldn’t suggest topping if you are already in flowering, but supercropping and trying down are still options.


Bend the plant down either super crop or LST


Not sure how to post my question but here it is, I have a 4 month + old Skywalker that I started late spring. It’s now 8’ tall and just going into flower mode a week ago. I’m in sunny Fl. it’s last day of Aug. Do you thing this will turn out OK, I’m afraid of someone seeing it so are these older plants going to produce if properly taken care of?