Gg seed not up ben 1 week

I ordered 10 gg autos two weeks ago… ilgm seed source …seed sprouted and was placed under dome and light…soil moist …what’s up with this gg and are all my 139.00 worth of seeds bad…help

Customer service will send replacement seeds. Send them a nice email with your order number.

What was your germination method?


soak seed in ph water until drops a spouts small tail.then goes to soil

thanks for the info.going to try c/s thanks again

sent c/s detailed nice message …thanks

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I had 2 of 4sprout using soak method. I tried another 2 with the glass on a heat mat to keep a constant temp. They cracked open and had tiny tails. Took 4 day to pop above soil. They seem to be slow starters.

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Never Fear with ILGM, they are have the best customer service I’ve ever seen. They always take care of me. The first time I order from them I thought I was having a shipping issue I texted them and they resent my order right out. before the replacements came I received the original order they said go head and keep those on us. I will always use them they are the best. they will always find a way to make it right :grin: :grin:


ya man they made it right shipping out replacements…no hassle …i agree with you.

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