GG Autoflower 11 weeks not flowering

This is one of four Gorilla Glue Autoflowering plants I’m growing outdoors. This one is 42" high. Others are 15", 35" & 52". None are flowering after 11 weeks. Any thoughts?

Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

My thoughts, you will get a great yield!

Yeah they (autos) just do what they want. Hopefully as @Zee said, size matters.

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Hopefully, at 11 weeks, that’s a long time for autos, unless you got feminized seeds?


Thanks for the responses.These are autoflowering and feminized.
I was thinking of making a cage for one of the plants from wire fence and covering it with a tarp
for 12 hours a day, say 8PM to 8AM to simulate 12 hrs light/12 hrs dark.
Might this stimulate flowering?

Autos are feminized, I know. I was making the suggestion you may have got the wrong seeds. If you got them from ILGM, they have amazing customer service, but have made errors in seeds they shipped.

Do you see any preflowers on her? I don’t grow autos, If it’s a truly an auto, I haven’t seen a way to force it into flower.


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@Zee is right adjusting light on an auto does nothing that’s what they were designed to overcome. 11weeks is absurd on a plant with a ten week grow schedule , granted it is actually closer to 14 weeks still they have to flower at least 8 weeks. Seeds do get mixed up sometimes if you cut the light and it flips it was a mix up.


I’ll try a little patience.
I think this is a female preflower w pistils.

Yes. Thats a pistil. The bud part is a calyx i believe. Preflowers are the buttons u see form at the tops when she’s transitioning into full flower. All linguistics tho. They should be flipping soon and ull have a ton of weed :wink::joy:

And if the rest keep showing ‘photoperiod plant’ traits, keep documenting. And as said above, ILGM customer service is boss level. They will mostly rectify the situation…

Of course by then ull have so much weed u maynot care. But free seeds are free seed :rofl:

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there either not autoflowers or they are taking their sweet ass time. they look healthy, id just be patient.

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Thanks for the responses. I find it easier to be patient when I’m confident and
your responses were reassuring. I also learned how to find and ID preflowers. :slight_smile:
It seems that sometimes autos don’t auto. Why? I don’t know. A few things I’m
I’ve read of this happening where 1 or 2 plants didn’t flower out of a larger group that did flower. In my case all 4 plants have not flowered after 11 weeks.
Maybe I got the wrong seeds, but maybe not.

  • ILGM clearly says that autoflowering plants are sensitive to transplanting (transplant shock) and transplanting should be minimized. Maybe I should have paid closer attention.
    I sprouted the seeds in water then planted them in pots, then transplanted them to larger pots where they spent about 2 weeks acclimating to the great outdoors before moving them again to their places in the garden. This may have stalled the auto in my autos.
  • Their height (4ft or less) seems to be more consistent w autos than photoperiod sensitive GG plants.
  • Interesting, but maybe insignificant is that the two plants in partial shade have preflowers w pistils while the 2 plants in full sun have preflowers but no pistils yet.
    My thinking is that autoflowering can be iffy to start with and may be effected by environment, including handling.