Gorilla Glue problem?

First time with GG autoflower… tried 3 seeds, 1 didn’t germ and other 2 look like this at 11 weeks??? Any suggestions?

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Welcome to the forum. No where near an expert but I can bounce ideas with the best of 'em.
11 weeks and no signs of flower??? I would suspect it to be photo rather than auto (mistakes happen). Try flipping the lights to 12/12. Can’t really see how big the whole plant is but that will at least give an idea. If auto, minimal effect. If photo, she will show some hairs.

Welcome to the forum @MtnRanchDuo
Is that plant really 11 weeks old? It really looks healthy but nowhere near the size a plant that old.
An 11 week old plant, even one that refused to flower, would be huge or very sick looking if small.
But odd things happen all the time, so the advice to go 12/12 is good. Hope it starts to flower for you.

Both of the above have given good info. Welcome to ILGM again lol.

Just addi g since you look to be outside, u cant really control the sun…. Try placing her in a shaded area the early part and later parts of the day. Simulate fall onsetting and trigger her into flower. Ive seen elaborate fence/bedsheet setups, flower greenhouse screens, all kindsa smart setups. But u just want decent airflow and less light hours. If she triggers and is an autoflower, she’ll keep flowering whether u remove the sheets or nah. But if you dont wanna risk her revegging, just keep up the simulation.

Thanks for the info…looks like it’s working

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