Gg#4 doesn't smell right

So the aromas for gg#4 is diesel,earthy,pungent, chemical, and skunks. Mine smells strong of only sour berry and my girl agrees(she hates the smell)so does that mean it’s not gg#4 but maybe a different pheno or just wrong label all together

You don’t develop full smell until buds are mature then when you dry and cure you get full smell


Pretty much…until you dry and cure you wont develop the final smells you’re probably more familiar with. Are you using or planning on using a terpene enhancer? This will help you build those smells too.

Mine always got citrusy after couple months.

The smell will change during your cure. I had purple kush that smelled like grapes, after the cure she ended up having a strong lemon smell. Almost like lemon pledge.

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