I think I over dried

So I thought my ladies were gonna be ready to chop last weekend so a couple of weeks ago a cut a couple small bud branches. Dried them too much I think then put in jars. It’s gg#4 and it had a strong sour berry smell which seems weird for gg#4 but 3 days after jar it smells of hay. WHY


Find out how dry it is - do you have the little hygrometers that go in the jar/Grove bag?

I found I had overdried some recently and popped a couple of spinach leaves in the bag (1/4 lb bag). That brought it back to life.

My gg4 has a very intense odor when I open the bag, but the individual buds are less smelly - until I grind them.


The smell comes with the cure thats why. It’ll have a hay smell for a bit just maintain your 60% humidity and it should come out alright in 2-3 weeks


After a full cure, that should go away. Burp them twice a day for the 1st week then 1 time a day the 2nd week. The hay smell should go away.


2 weeks prior to harvest restrict nutes and only give ph’d water. The chloraphyll will begin to break down before you even cut it down. Dry slow, 10-14 days at 65% RH. These steps alone will have her smelling fantastic before she even gets in the jar. The cure, will further break down chloraphyll bringing forward even more smell and flavor. It is imperative for quality to get the flush (IMO) dry and cure correct.


Burp the jars. It will go away… :+1:

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:point_up_2: normal smell from gassing off. The cure will bring back the smell under the right temps and RH :love_you_gesture:


This right here ^

Maybe you did or didn’t dry to much. At this point is best to seal in jar or bag and see what rh equalizes to. If 60% or higher you should be alright, just burp daily as suggested above. If much below 60% you could add something like 62% boveda pack to attempt to bring some moisture back.


Thanks have hygrometers coming this week. I’ve been following suggestions and smells less or everything just a slight hay smell


Common, chloraphyll is what your smelling. There is more of it per square inch of plant then trichomes or terpenes. As it breaks down that will change. This is precisely why I restrict nutes during last 2 weeks. The plant will sacrafice chloraphyll to ripen with.

Thanks ya those were some early cuts mainly for me to kinda see the drying process on a small scale also thought I was closer to harvest than I was. Anyways I’ve cut the nutes a little earlier than I wanted because thought I was harvesting last week, but the fan leaves are drooping and slowly turning yellow. Is this because of the nutes getting used up? If so that means it got a decent flush then, am I correct?

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