Getting seeds to germinate

Last year was my first year growing weed, and I’d say I did pretty darn well for my first try. Five plants gave me 14 gallons of the good stuff. This year, I’m trying to grow a couple plants indoors, tried it last year and got one 28 inch plant, I didn’t think it was worth a seed, when I can grow a plant 12 feet tall giving off 5 gallons of weed outside. Anyway, I tried it again this year and it’s cold here, winds howling out of the north. So, I put two seeds in a shot glass and let it soak for three days, and nothing. So, thinking it was to chilly, I put the glass in a small box, shut the lid and stuck a meat thermometer through the lid into the box and sat the box on a heating pad turned to low. I checked the Temperature every hour, and I found it was 78 degrees with the lid cracked open a little bit. Otherwise, it’d get to hot. On low with the lid cracked, it was 78 degrees in the box. Checked them this morning and they had both germinated. Patience isn’t my go to plan, but it worked in this case.


I like this technique:

Using distilled water, add 1/2 teaspoon of peroxide, drop seed and keep at a nominal 76 to 78F. Every 24 hours add 1/2 tsp of additional peroxide. Once a tail develops drop into damp coco in a Solo cup with a clear cup as a dome and light on a 24/0 cycle for 10 to 14 days, watering by using a spray bottle to mist the inside of the dome twice a day. I get close to 100% germination with that.

If you have reluctant seeds you can drag seed across a nail file to score the husk to help it crack.


Welcome to community! I always use the “paper towel” method. Wet a paper towel and place seeds in towel. Put towel in ziplock bag and place in a dark place… after 48hrs (or so) … BOOM! I have 100% success rate with this way. But to each his/ her own. What works for you works for you… happy growing.:sunglasses:

Also, in Illinois you are allowed to possess 30 grams of cannabis flower, unless you grow your own, then it says Registered Patients in the Medical cannabis pilot program may possess more than 30 grams if it is grown and secured in their homes. I printed it, and keep a copy on hand, but I can see how the State could beat that quote in 10 different ways, number one being May Possess more, but how much more? They can say you can possess more, but not as much as you currently have, we didn’t mean that much. If you want a copy, go to and print it. I hope you never need it, but it’s nice to have.

Virginia law is the same way - 1 oz outside of the home, but doesn’t specify how much you can have IN your home! I guess if you got so much the cops are knocking on your door that’s over the limit! :rofl:
I figure if you’re adult about it and don’t raise a ruckus they don’t care. They have ACTUAL crime to try and solve without bothering a bunch of flower-smokers.

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