Getting rid of soil nats

A question from a fellow grower:

what is the best inexpensive way to get rid of soil nats I have them bad.

This is the stuff you want to use

B Safe

I used nematodes, haven’t had a one come back since.

Try nematodes & yellow sticky strips

I tried this mixture of Tabaco and hot. Hot as hot as you can get powder
You take the tabaco say a half a pack and boil it when it just starts to boil add three tsp 's of the hot powder boil for two min cool it. Then strain it using coffee fitter. Then pour it into your spray bottle and spray all your plants complelty under all the leaves all over.
I did and it killed them all right then and there and done gone history
Cost under $10.00
I guarantee it !!

B Safe

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That’s good to know! I used to use a mixture like that on my spider mites but it didn’t really work :frowning: