Getting rid of nats

Just getting ready to go into blooming stage but iv just noticed I have nats just starting what do I do now arghhh not real bad yet

Fungus gnats?

Yellow sticky traps and give the surface of your soil/compost/coco/whatever a GOOD covering of cinnamon (repeat after watering) or food grade diatomaceous earth to act as a barrier to prevent the adults laying eggs in your soil as well as kill any larvae after they mature into adults and then take off to breed.

Basically, interrupt the breeding cycle BUT make sure that the entire surface is fully covered, do not leave even half a square inch “bare” or they’ll still be able to breed, lay eggs, etc.

Neither treatment will do any harm to your plant, I’ve used cinnamon in the past purely because I saw the little blighters flying around and that was what was at hand. Think of the idiots on YouTube doing the “spoonful of cinnamon challenge”, how they react, then think how much that’s going to burn something as small as a gnat. 100% biological, no chemicals, and you don’t want chemicals if you’re going into flower.


I’ve sprinkled food grade de on top of my soil and that seem to it interrupt their cycle. Plus it’s pretty cheap. Good luck.