Getting back in to the Grow room

Yo. Whats Up! Everyone…Gtia Here. So i decided recently to get back in to growing again. i also decided,since i never had this kind of platform to communicate with fellow growers. I’m going to share my journey. Hope you don’t mind. Ok now where to start. Well lets start with my gear.:sunglasses:

Vivosun 48"x48"x80" grow tent
Vivosun Heating mat w/ digital thermostat
Earlygrow Med domed propagator
Vivosun 6500k 2ft 4bulb t5 HO light
IPlantop 1000w 3chip led Full spectrum with veg/bloom switch got 2 of them
Sonikir 3-in-1 ph,light,moisture tester
iPower 6inch inline fan with 6" Carbon Filter and ducting
Acurite Humidity monitor/ Therometer
Rapid Rooter Plugs
MelonFarm 2 gallon and 7 gallon fabric pots
16oz SOLO Cups
Box fan for air circulation untill i can afford some smaller tent fans
getting a dehumidifier when i have the money as well.

Soil selection sorta sucks in this area. After doing research. The best premixed i found in my area.
MG Natures Care Garden soil.
Added perlite, Vermiculite to loosen it up.

Been using Aquafina Purified Bottled water. and Also have FIJI water that is ph’d to 7.7 that has trace amounts of calcium and magnesium. i also have regular tap water thats been sitting in buckets to let the chlorine evaporate for when i get to the time of flushing

MG all purpose only using at 1/2 to 1/4 strength
Flower Fuel. npk 1-34-38 for flowering
AZOS and MYKOS inoculum for transplanting.
Clonex for when i get that far

Plants all from ILGM seeds
2 Strawberrie Kush
2 Black Widow
1 Gelato

I started 10/21/18 soaked for 12 hours then put in paper towels and a ziplock 100% germination.
10/23 put in rapid rooter plugs in solo cups 1/2 full of the soil mix [ the gardensoil with perlite and verm 60-20-20% ratios] soil PH between 5.8-6.2 ph depending how far i stick the tester in the soil
10/25/18 they all came up thru the soil but one Gelato… seed hull got stuck in the rapid rooter plug tried to ease it loose broke the root off lost that plant… oh well it happens.
Everything mixed in to aquafina bottled water. 18hrs on 6 off T5 light
10/26/18 each cup got 2, 2 liter bottle Cap full of bioroot solution at 1/2 strength
10/27/18 nothing done
10/28/18 each cup got 2, 2 liter bottle cap full of 1/4 strength MG all purpose.
10/29/18 each cup got 2, 2liter bottle cap fulls of straight aquafina
10/31/18 each cup got 1/4 cup of azos solution. switched light at end of cycle too, veg mode on 1-1000w led
11/01/18 each cup got 2, 2liter bottle cap fulls of straight aquafina
11/03/18 each cup got 2, 2liter bottle cap fulls of 1/4 strength MG all purpose.

So far so good


Looks like your off to a great start. Good luck

I’ll come along on this journey :+1:t3:

Lookn good!!!..I’m watchn

awesome looking start you have there @Gtiapot keep em green!

11/4 watered each cup straight aquafina. Transplanted Mint and Strawberries from garden. put 8 ladybugs in the tent
11/5 watered each cup 1/2 strength bioroot solution.
11/6 watered each cup 1/4 strength MG all and berries aswell
11/7 watered each cup 1/4 cup azos solution.
11/8 watered each cup 1/4 strength MG all purpose
11/9 Transplanted plants into 2Gal Cloth pots with 1TBS mykos and azos powder, saturated soil with bioroot solution. potted 2 basil plants. Added 2nd 1000W led on veg mode.
11/11 lowered lights from 36-24, pruned off dead leaves off transplants, rearranged pots and watered straight FIJI water.
11/12 each pot got 1 cup of aquafina

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ohh yea i have marigolds in the blue cup starting

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Been busy, Sorry if you gave up on me, But Here we go.

11/13 Gave each of the plants 1 Pint Bottle of house water
11/14 The 5 Girls Got a pint of aquafina, the others got house water. Pruned middle fan leaves to expose lower branches to more light on all but Gelato
11/15 Adjusted soil in pots,compacted down added more to fill it back up, All the girls got 1 pint of aqua and azos, and 1/2 cup of 1/2 str MG. Raised lights to 30"(76.2 cm)
11/16 Just rearranged plants
11/17 Just rearranged plants tring to lower humidity in tent hoovering around 71. Went to the store bought a 70 pint dehumidifier set it up to 55%, its doing its job great.
11/18 They all got a pint of 1/2 dose MG in house water
11/19 The Girls got 1 pint each of aqua and double dose of Recharge.
11/20 Each plant got a bottle of Aqua. The girls got Aqua and 1/4 dose MG
11/21 Made Plant Staples out of old Wire Cloths hangers. Started LST the lower branches to grow out instead of up
11/22 Happy ThanksGiving!! Just rearranged pots. Watched the NFL all day, Ate way too much!!
11/23 Each Plant got 1 pint Aqua. seperated marigolds cause more sprouting
11/24 Rearranged plants,Readjusted staples, Raised lights to keep at 30", 1 pint house water with 1/2str MG to all plants. Took lower Branches off of one BW and the Gelato for clones. Started up 2 of each BW and Gelato Clones.
11/25 The Girls got 1 pint Aqua&Azos the other just house water, Clonex misted the clones
11/26 1/2 of a pint each MG 1/2str house water.
11/27 FIMMED The girls, rearranged all plants 1 pint each of House water with 1 1/2 dose of recharge, 1/2 of a pint of 1/4str MG in Fiji

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Sorry if you were watching, long story short, I need to buy a new computer, but not in the budget atm, I kept up with the same routibe, I do have day to day records but not on me while writing this, will post when get the desk top up and running, this is a pic from the 20th of January, started flower the 20th of December.


All ilgm seeds. Same setup as above , Almost 2 Months from seed. To be honest I forgot what day forgot to record start soak, usually only care when I start flower.
2 Gelato
2 Gorillia Glue.
3 Maui Wowi
2 Trainwreck, or skywalker or one each, dont know, ordered Trainwreck seeds cames labled skywalker. And the plants are completly different… One sative Dom one indica Dom

The dwarf gorilla glue in the bottom right grew that way from seed no croping. From seed the main grew together and only the 2 first feeder leaves were there for a month before one day it just blew out a bunch of stalks.

I also found out that if you forget to wash off the azos mykos off the underside of the leaves, it causes symptoms that resemble spidermites munching on your leaves, if left too long the symptoms start looking like phosphorus deficiency. You can see on some of the lower leaves.

Labeled skywalker I think it’s Train wreck.

Labeled skywalker ordered Trainwreck but I think it looks like Lsd?

Dwarf Gorilla Glue