Germination done,unexpected trip?

Got my seeds, excited i immediately germinated. They just cracked open and are ready for soil. I just found out i have to go out of town for 1 week. Since i dont have someone to water them, i thought a drip system but dont want them to get too wet and there any method i could use that would be safe?my last resort would be to take them with me. I would be putting them in their cups inside the bottom of a bucket with a false bottom to hide them. I would fill the rest of the bucket with dog food to hide the babies in case im pulled over,and yes my dog will be with me. I dont like this idea but i dont want them to die while im gone. I figure they will just be poking out of the soil when i get back in a week so i dont think they could identify them if i do get pulled over .Anyone with ideas to keep them alive til i get back so i dont have to take them??

Can you go to a store and buy any of those self watering glass globes, or clay spikes?
I know a lot of people use them. I had bought the glass ones before when I went to Florida for a week, and they worked great for me. I like the new style clay ones they have now though. They should definitely work for you to solve the problem. Hope this helps!



Thanks I .will go check those out today. Only thingi need one of those water misting deals like they have over the vegetables on a timermaybe I nust need to keep it simple

yo while your selfwatering globe looks very nice to buy i found this website Remuera Real Estate Register |
could be a cheaper way to do it instead of buying something fancy :wink:


Excellent article with perfect info,thanks Bro

anytime, glad i could help ^^