Germinate Seedlings concerns

It’s been like 3-5 days only 1 pot out of 5 has a taproot. However it’s struggling to grow and the seeds are baggie seeds. At what day or week should I discard the pot? It’s grown indoor, in a tent with 300w Led lights 18hrs daily, moist lvls are now around 4 or 5, and ph levels is 8. First time growing, just wanna make sure I’m on the right track

I had a seed in some dirt i germ’d May 15 that didnt sprout. Reused the dirt last week and watered it in for my clones. Today i found this

Dont give up prematurely. Whats ur germ process?

I soak it in water 24 hours.
Then damp papertowel 12-24 more
Then right into soil, taproot or not.
Then I rewater the soil once a week, plant sprout or not.

Still a month later and repotting, she sprouted right up