Genetics or deficiency?

Greetings fellow growers…

This is my first grow and I’m on day 64ish from sprouting. I am seeing something that I didn’t think was typical for the white widow strain - purple leaves (some). After doing some research I think this is okay, and not a deficiency but I would like some experts to comment. Thank you in advance!

white widow auto from ILGM
2x4 grow tent
a pot for pot super soil/coco coir (in fabric pot)
watering with PH 6-6.8
spiderfarmer SF-1000 LED 12 inches from tallest part of canopy
temps around 72F night and 74F day
humidity between 42-45 around the clock
tent has 4" duct inline fan/carbon filter with two 6" desk fans to help with intake/circulation

Hope the photos upload…

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Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

Am no expert. IMO based off your grow environment, that’s natural. I got WW at week 2 of flower, and she doesn’t have that color, but my temps have a different range. Could be genetics as you mentioned.

Looking great IMO.

@SKORPION, thoughts

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I got purple on some leaves and on the stems.


I’m betting genetics, I have different strains that vary in depths of purple, some have little to no purple while others have lots of purple, and in the same environment and next to each other .

That’s what I was hoping to hear. Thanks all! I’ll post any updates if things start to look sketchy.